The Ultimate Summer Bucket List

If your kids are anything like my kids they are more than excited for school to be out and summer to begin!

Even if you have babies and toddlers who haven’t been in school all year- there is still something magical about the warm summer months that just feels different!

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I am all about structure and routine, and maybe you are , too- but I still want the summer to be carefree, fun and relaxing. Because I am planner I love to know what we have going on- which is why creating a Summer Bucket List with my kids is my favorite thing to do at the start of the summer.

It’s a creative way to find out what your family wants to accomplish in those three short months while creating a plan to make it happen.

There are several ways you can go about making your Bucket List. For our family we have found simplicity is best and keep it quick and easy by making a  list on a poster board of what fun things we’d like to do.

What You Need:

1 poster board (The Dollar Tree is a great place to buy one!)

Colorful markers (make it bright and pretty!)

Painters tape, magnets or fishing line to  hang it up depending on how you want to

Simple, right?

Next, find a time when you get your family together to brainstorm ideas. I think it’s important to get all the siblings on board so that everyone has the opportunity to share suggestions.

There might be a difference in ages so it could tricky to find thing everyone will enjoy- but remember- the Bucket List can be versatile!

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For families with toddler or babies

Gather ideas from your spouse, friends and online neighborhood calendar to see what ideas you can come up with. Think of things that you want to do that your little ones can tag along for as well.

For families with younger kiddos-

Your list might be activities you want to plan to do each day. I know having one outing or fun thing each day really makes a difference for me with my 5 and 7 year old.

For families with teenagers-

Your list might be something you can have ready for your older kids to look through as ideas to accomplish on their own. When your kids tell you they are bored- send them to the Bucket List to choose something to do!

Bucket List Ideas For all Ages:

Eat Popsicles

Have an out door camp out

Get a Slurpee

Blow bubbles

Go to the splash pad

Go swimming

Go fishing

Find new parks

Go to the Zoo

Go to the Aquarium

Chalk art

Have a tea party

Go out to lunch

Have breakfast in bed

Play soccer as a family

Go bowling

Learn to sew

Get donuts

Go to a movie

Story time at the Library

Wash the car

Play in the sprinklers

Go on a hike

Make S’mores

Visit a Pet Store

Make a fort

Have tin foil dinner

Have a dance party

Play dates with friends

Write a letter to a grandparent

Watch fireworks

Backyard camping

Learn to tye dye

Play tag, Mother May I, Red Rover etc.  as a family

Play kickball

Have a weanie roast

Call a friend on the phone

Do art projects

The first activity on our list was an American classic that truly shouts “summer time!” to our family.

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