The Best Dollar Tree Halloween Costume Ideas

The Best Dollar Tree Halloween Costume Ideas

dollar tree halloween costume ideas

If your kids are anything like mine, they start talking about their Halloween costume as early at January.

When your kids are constantly going back and forth about what they want to be for Halloween it can be hard to purchase a costume.

But I have found that finding costumes at the Dollar Tree is definitely the best way to go. Everything is a dollar so you aren’t hurting your wallet and they have a really great selection of costumes and accessories!

I found a lot of fun things at my local store, so hurry and run to yours and see what goodies they have.

One tip that I discovered is if you think about what you already have at home, you might only need to buy one or two things to complete the costume.

For example, I found these adorable  lady bug  accessories at the Dollar Tree:

Lady Bug Costume

I knew we had black leotards and tights at home that would pair perfectly!

Lady bug costume

The Dollar Tree also had adorable witch accesories- including an adorable witch head band and broom.

witch costume

Again, I used what we had at home to complete the look- all for just $2!

My store was fully stocked with great items that will complete any costume!


pirate costume

diy pirates costume



ninja costume


Have your child wear their favorite princess dress and grab this cute crown and wand to go with it. Or grab one of the fairy skirts they sell and pair it with a white top and your little princess will be ready for the ball in no time!


Police Officer



Ninja Turtle

Have your child wear all black with this turtle shell and you have an effortless costume.


These cheerleader accessories are so darling!  Look around at second hand stores to find a cheer leading costume or make due with things you have at home.



These hats are the finishing touch to any cowboy costume. All you need is a pair of jean and a checkered shirt- and this hat you and you have a complete costume.





They also have a great selection of accessories.


Glasses and Mustaches


Face Paint





Fake teeth


Glow sticks (great for trick-or-treating)






The Dollar Tree has such cute stuff right now for Halloween.

Be sure to shop around right now because they stores have their Halloween stuff out already and it will definitely go fast!

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