The Best Preschool Board Games

 Preschoolers LOVE to play games – here are the best preschool board games that our children have loved. 


Best Preschool Board Games

Our family loves to play games – you can rest assured that at almost every family event, we end up playing some kind of game.

It was really exciting for me when Jack started to really understand how to play games – and now that Oliver is getting older, he’s starting to understand them better as well.

I think the preschool age is definitely when they start to really learn to appreciate games, and there are some really great ones out there. I don’t even mind playing them, because I think they are a blast (so long as there aren’t too many pieces).

If you are like me, you scour Amazon looking for the best games, and you sometimes wonder if one is worth getting or not. So I thought I would put together a list of the best games for preschoolers. Many of these are loved by my children, and I know yours will, too.

I tried to include some “junior” versions of games, so as your child gets older, they can be excited to “graduate” to the adult version. Plus, I think they might be more fun for adults to play as well 🙂

I would love to hear in the comments what your favorite board games for preschoolers are!

Games for Preschoolers


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Spot It

They have lots of different versions! We all love this one. Spot It is really fun, and I love playing it while I lay on the couch (#lazy) with my kiddos. Depending on the age and skill of the child, this can be a really fun one.


My first Bananagrams – This is a great one for kids that are learning their letters and how to spell. We love Bananagrams in our family, so I was pretty excited to see they had a junior version.


Pie Face – This game is equal parts ridiculous and equal parts awesome. Our family loves playing this!


Sequence for Kids

Pop the Pig – both of my boys really enjoy this one. It’s great for helping a child learn colors and numbers. Plus it’s always fun when the pig gets too full!


Kerplunk – This is a game my mom loves having around for the kiddos. It does need adult help to set it up (well, if your child is younger), but it’s still a lot of fun.


Wet Head


Guess Who – A classic! This would be better for older preschoolers because they do need to be able describe things. But Jack was playing this at about the age of four.




Let’s Go Fishing – This is another one both of our boys love.


Sequence for Kids


Phlat Ball


Candy Land


Hungry, Hungry Hippos


Googly Eyes


Pete the Cat


Giggle Wiggle

What are your kids favorite games?

17 Of the BEST Board games for preschoolers that your child will LOVE!


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