Printable Chapstick Labels

Printable Chapstick Labels

I went to a blogging conference recently and I wanted to find a clever way to help people remember me. I thought it would be fun to do chapsticks with my logo on them. I found these really awesome chapstick labelsHappy Birthday on Amazon that have a perforated edge on the top. This seals the lid shut, but you can just twist it and tear the perforation when you want to use the chapstick. It makes it look professional and lets the person you give them know the chapstick hasn’t been used or anything.

I also bought the blank lip balm tubesPrintable Chapstick Labelson Amazon. They end up being about .30 cents a piece with shipping.

I am kind of obsessed with them now and have been creating labels like crazy. Here are the 6 different chapstick labels I designed for different occasions:

1. Happy Birthday- if you ever need to pass out gifts to groups of kids like students or friends these would be a great little gift to let them know you remembered.

Happy Birthday Label

Happy Birthday Chapstick

2. If you ever need to tell someone thank you for bringing you dinner or watching your kids, you could bring them one of these.

Thank You Label

Thank You chapstick
3. Is there a Graduate in your life? These would make cute gifts to give. You could even use an empty chapstick container and roll some money up inside

Graduate Label

Graduate chapstick
4. You can use these as a party favor for a shower or a wedding. I think they would be cute in a bowl by the door or at a table setting at a wedding.

Celebrate label

Celebrate chapstick
5. You can use these cute super hero themed ones pretty much anytime to let someone know that they are Super!

Superhero Label

Superhero Chapstick
6. I just had to make this “Kissable” one just because it’s chapstick. It should be self explanatory.

Kissable Label

Kissable Chapstick
I made the printable label sheet so the labels fit perfectly on the stickers in these customizable label templates . They cost about $1.00 a sheet but have 12 labels on each sheet which is less than .10 a label!! Make sure to scroll down to the bottom of this post to get all the pdf’s of the different labels. They are yours free to download!!

I love these gifts so much! It ends up being less than .50 cents for a cute customized gift that people will remember every time they have dry lips!

Chapstickyou are superbKiss


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When I went to the blogging conference I used this label on the chapstick to help people to remember me.

Kissable Chapstick
After I put labels on all my chapstick I started thinking how nice it would be if I had a little pocket that people could clip on their purse or keys that held their chapstick so they could have it with them all of the time. I went way overboard and made 100 keychain chapstick holders. They were way fun to make and I got to the point where I could sew one in under 4 minutes! If you want to make some of these cuties you can hop over to my blog and see the full tutorial here.

Keychain Chapstick Holders
Here are all the PDF’s of the labels. All you have to do is print these out straight onto the label template sheettemplate sheet. Just make sure your paper is the right orientation in your printer before you print. I usually do a practice sheet first using regular printer paper to figure out what orientation the paper needs to be in the printer. If you don’t want to use the stickers you can just print them out on regular paper then cut them out and glue or mod podge them onto the blank chapstick tube. I suggest using the label stickers because it is just so easy. They are stickers so you just peel them off and place them onto the chapstick container.


Links to Printable Chapstick Label Sheets:

Happy Birthday PrintableHappy Birthday Label

Graduation PrintableGraduation Label

Thank You PrintableThank you Label

Celebrate with us Printablecelebrate Label

Kissable PrintableKissable Label

You’re Super PrintableSuper hero Label

Oh, one last thing… I used PicMonkey to design these labels. I am so happy someone introduced me to pic monkey! It is so easy to use and it has tons of designs and fonts to make your own projects and edit pictures. I use it daily for editing and for designing. I am not kidding you really need to try it out!

Printable Chapstick Labels

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