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I always enjoy having fresh flowers around the house, no matter how infrequently we’re able to purchase them. We also like to send flowers to family members at various time throughout the year – birthdays, anniversaries, or when someone is having a hard time. After ordering flowers online a few times, we have realized that anytime we see “bouquet only 19.99!” It’s usually too good to be true. Yes, the beginning cost of the flowers is 19.99, but that’s before shipping, tax, and other random fees are thrown in.

So when I heard about The Bouqs, I was so excited! This company has been featured on Shark Tank, O! Oprah Magazine, Fobers, E!, The Today Show, and Popsugar, and it’s really changing the flower industry in my opinion.

The reason why traditional flower delivery services are so pricey (and don’t always have the freshest flowers), are because they are acting as the middle man between the customer and the florist. With the Bouqs, there is no middle man. They own their own flower farm, and the flowers grow on an active volcano. Isn’t that so cool? Right after they are cut, they are sent straight to the customer.

With The Bouqs, there is just a flat rate fee — it’s $40, including free shipping. So instead of going to a site and feeling sad that you can only afford the smallest bouquet (with all the more beautiful bouquets taunting you), at the Bouqs, all the flower arrangements are the same price, and all great quality.

While they have tons of different arrangements, right now they have a really fun one available – Red, White and Bouq. It’s perfect for the upcoming Fourth of July!


So if you ever order flowers online, definitely consider Bouqs next time. They will deliver the highest quality of flowers at the best prices. No hidden fees!

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