The Best Gifts for Soccer Players and Fans

If you’re looking for gift ideas for friend or family member who is a soccer fan then here are some ideas that they are sure to love!

fubotv: is an internet streaming service that allows you to watch live soccer from several of the top leagues. It is only $9.99 a month. The leagues include LFP (La Liga), Serie A, Ligue 1, Primeira League, and Liga MX in the world. The channels include BEIN Sports, BEIN Sports N, Univision TDN, Unimas, and GolTV. Plus, you can even ‘DVR’ games to watch later.

Scarf: Every serious soccer fan should at least own a scarf from their favorite soccer team.

JerseyEven better than a scarf is a jersey. They can be pricey, but nothing says dedicated fan like wearing the jersey of your favorite player.

RokuIn order to stream FuboTV and any other soccer games you might want to pay for you might want a Roku. It is my favorite streaming device.

Soccer Ball: One of the main reasons a lot of people love to watch soccer is because they fell in love with the game while playing. Though it can be hard to find people to play against, it is nice to at least have a ball to practice with if you get the chance.

Cleats: If you’re going to play you might as well have decent footwear.

Shin Guards: Even though I do prefer to play without shin guards, I do know how important shin guards are. I was guarding someone once while not wearing shin guards. He tried to do a back heel pass through my legs, and he cleated me on my shin. I had cleat indention in my leg, and a couple of cuts. It hurt like crazy.

Sportneer Stadium Seats & Cushions

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Mini Goals: If you want to play soccer it helps to have some pop-up mini-goals. Jack and I love to use these in the backyard, and a lot of pickup games at parks on Saturday use these.

Tickets: Here in the US there are actually a lot different soccer teams. Obviously, the top league in the US is MLS, but there are several other leagues. Which means that for a majority of Americans there is some kind of professional soccer team somewhat close. They do play outside, so there seasons are seasonal.

Sportneer Portable Pop Up Beach Tent: This is a great item to have if you have kids that play soccer – especially during the summer. We spent many days at Jack’s games trying not to die in the heat and bright sun, and we envied people that had these.



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