How Accurate is the FitBit Charge?

Well, after seeing how much you all seemed to enjoy my Ultimate FitBit Guide, I thought I’d share a little experiment I did recently with my FitBit Charge.

Thinking about getting a FitBit Charge? Make sure you read this first!

As I mentioned in my other post, my FitBit Charge does not pick up steps when I am pushing a shopping cart or a stroller. This was annoying when I finally realized it – because those are well-earned steps!

Wristband FitBits track by movement of the wrist/arm, so I was curious just how accurate my FitBit charge was. I wanted to know if I was getting too many (or too few!) steps each day, especially when I was exercise.

So last night when I was at the gym, I decided to do a little experiment. I walked around the track three times – one time with the FitBit Charge on my wrist, one time with it in my pocket (which is how I use it when I’m pushing the stroller or a grocery cart), and then I counted my steps out loud the third time.

Here’s what I tracked:

The first time – when I was wearing it on my wrist – I started at 7683 steps, and I ended with 7869. This was a total of 186 steps tracked on my FitBit Charge.

The second time, I put the Charge in my pocket! I started wth 7869 and ended with 8077 for a total of 208 steps.

The third time, I counted my steps out loud, and I ended up with 181 steps.

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So in my super unscientific analysis, it seems that the FitBit Charge on my wrist was more accurate than putting it in my pocket. There was a time or two when I was counting my steps out loud where I missed a step or two, so my step count may have been a little higher even. But I feel confident that when I’m walking (not pushing anything, using an elliptical, etc.) it is accurate.

Though I still am wondering how I wake up with at least 100 steps each morning 🙂

This does make me wonder how accurate the FitBits that you clip to your pants (or shoe, etc.) are, since when I put this one in my pocket, it did give me a higher number of steps. If you have the FitBit One or Zip – or anything from the FitBit line (such as the Surge or the Alta), I’d love for you to do a similar experiment and let me know what you find in the comments!

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