Easy Hamburger Cookies (Video Tutorial)

These easy hamburger cookies are so fun to make. They are the perfect treat to make with children!


I have fond memories of helping my mom make and assemble treat plates to bring to friends and neighbors.

One of my favorite treats she would make was hamburger cookies! They were so simple but so, so fun to make.

The other day, my mom suggested that we make a video of them, and I thought it was a great idea. I couldn’t wait to make them and see if they were as delicious as I remembered.

And, of course, they were.

We had a lot of fun making them, and I especially loved being able to include Jack in the process. He thought it was so hilarious that we were making cookies that looked like hamburgers!

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And yes, we use food dye and canned frosting for these. If you are against doing that…HOORAY! I’m sure there are plenty of other recipes out there. This recipe is just meant to be fun and easy (though I certainly wouldn’t be against using homemade frosting!)


What you need:

Vanilla Wafers


Chocolate Mints


A tub of vanilla frosting

Shredded Coconut

Red, Green, and Yellow Food coloring


How to Make Hamburger Cookies:

Divide the frosting into three bowls. Keep one of the bowls as plain/white (for mayonnaise), and then mix red into one of the bowls (for ketchup) and yellow into the other (for mustard).

Add coconut to a bowl and mix with green frosting.

To assemble:

Take one vanilla wafer and spread the white frosting on top of it.

Then, place a mint, spread a layer of red frosting, then sprinkle some coconut, and then spread a layer of yellow frosting on another vanilla wafer.

Finally, place that vanilla wafer on top.




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