Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Sandwich Review

I’ve mentioned before how much I enjoy breakfast (even though I don’t get around to making it very often).

A good breakfast sandwich goes a long way with me. The toaster we were given for our wedding was an egg McMuffin maker, and it was one of my favorite things ever.

thank you to Dunkin’ Donuts for sponsoring this post. 

I’m always excited when I see fast food restaurants announce a new breakfast option, so I was excited when Dunkin’ Donuts asked me to try out their Sweet Black Pepper Bacon Breakfast Sandwich.

Yes, Dunkin’ Donuts serves more than just donuts, and they have a wide variety of breakfast sandwiches served all day!

Their sweet black pepper bacon breakfast sandwich was popular the last time it was on their menu, so it was pretty exciting to have them bring it back. I’m a big fan of bacon in any form, so I wasn’t sure if it could go wrong.

Fortunately, it wasn’t disappointing. It combines sweet and savory into one delicious and filling sandwich, perfect for breakfast (or any time of day). It also pairs perfectly with one of Dunkin’ Donuts delicious donuts. I’m personally a fan of the croissant donut.

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I was especially impressed with the bacon. It was the perfect amount of crispiness – which I often find fast food sandwiches lacking in. The sweetness of the bacon was a pleasant surprise. It is coated in a brown sugar and black pepper seasoning, which is really quite delicious.

The egg was hearty and cooked well. I feel like with some breakfast sandwiches, the egg feels and tastes like it is fake. However,

Would I eat this every day? Probably not – it’s a little heavier than what I usually try and do for breakfast. However, it’s a great treat every now and then. If I was in a hurry and needing breakfast, I would definitely consider stopping by Dunkin’ Donuts for one of these (oh, and a delicious donut, of course).

If you want to lighten it up a little bit, you can also opt to make it into a Wake-Up Wrap® – it has half an egg, two slices of bacon (instead of four), and cheese served on a small tortilla. It’s a great option for those days when you’re craving something flavorful and delicious, but you may want less calories. I can’t wait to try this version.

So in terms of fast food breakfast sandwiches, I would say that this is a pretty good option. It was about $4 when we bought one in Sanford, North Carolina,

Both of these options are available through early 2016 all day long (along with all of the other breakfast items). So definitely head over to check it out for yourself. I’d love to hear what your thoughts are when you try it.




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