Bissell Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop Does it All!

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If you have ever procrastinated cleaning your floors thoroughly for way too long only to end up with a floor you have swept a dozen times without ever mopping. Mopping can seem time consuming, messy, and exhausting. Mopping can involve getting a bucket, an old dingy mop, floor cleaning solution, and water. The dirty has to be squeezed from the mop and soaked in clean water, or you’re just mopping with dirty water. Then the dirty water has to be taken somewhere it can be dumped, and that place has to be rinsed. In this day and age, there has to be something that makes cleaning your floor easy and satisfying.

Fortunately, Bissell has created the Bissell Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steam Mop that makes clean your floor simple and easy. Thus, you’ll actually do it enough to keep your floor looking clean. There is something satisfying about having a clean floor. I was never a big fan of cleaning when I was younger. My parents and siblings will attest that whenever my chores involved mopping or cleaning the bathroom I would procrastinate or just do it as slow as possible. Just before I went off to college I realized that I could do all of my chores in a tenth the time I was doing it before and get on with the rest of my day. In college I worked as a janitor where I vacuumed and cleaned the floors in one of the buildings on campus where I went to college. The shift started at 4 am. Cleaning while half asleep instilled some kind of innate appreciation for clean floors. Plus, I got to ride on the back of a cool floor cleaner that I called ‘the chariot”. Now, due to my ‘professional’ experience and the fact dirty floor can seem gross I ended up being responsible for cleaning our floors. When the floor is clean and spotless I feel satisfied that our home feels nicer In my experience how nice an apartment/house feels has less to do with the rent price and more to do with how it is maintained.

Bissell Symphony 2_0

The Bissell Symphony brings a smile to my face by making it so easy to get a clean floor. It might seem a little strange to enjoy cleaning your floor as much as I do now. You can get this product @BestBuy, and only at at Best Buy do you get extra microfiber mop pads with Microban protection. I got two soft and two scrubby mop pads in my box, and I would guess it would be the same for you. Plus, if you buy online with this coupon you can get a free pack of microfiber mop pads with Microban protection. The Bissell Symphony uses steam so you can have more confidence that your floor has fewer viruses and bacteria that could get your kids sick. If you just hold the steam mop in place for 15 seconds with the steam going you should be able to kill most bacteria. The Bissell Symphony makes it so you don’t have to sweep or mop. It is easy to use, and takes up a lot less space than a broom, dustpan, mop, bucket, and whatever else you have accumulated over time to clean you floor. Admit it, most of those things in the average closet look embarrassing and are not used as much as they should be. Plus, the Bissell Symphony is light and has a retractable handle to make storage very easy.

Putting together the Bissell Symphony together out of the box was very easy. The base just snaps together with the handle section. The steam mop head attachment might be a little confusing the first time, but it only takes a second to figure out. Basically, all you have to do to attach the all-in-one and place it on top of the mop head attachment until it snaps. Adding the water is easy once you’re okay with pulling back the water tank lid hard. It is made out of rubber so it won’t break as I feared it might.

Using the Bissell Symphony is very easy. You just plug it in, hold the trigger for about 20 seconds initially while it primes and creates the steam, and then you’re ready to go. Moving it around the floor was simple. It glided very easily, but the corners were a little hard to reach. The vacuum setting can be used while steaming, and there are two different steam settings. Replacing the mop heads is very easy, and I just rinsed mine in the sink quickly and washed them in the washer and dryer. My janitorial manager told me not mix microfibers with other cloth because the microfiber will pick up a lot of lint and not work as well. The dirt container for the vacuum is very easy to release and empty. I found that some of the more set in stains were difficult to remove, but after I had gone over the floor with the all-in-one with stains came up rather easy with some light scraping. Honestly, I just used my fingernail and they seemed to come right off. I’m not sure what the steam does, but it seems like some of the thicker stains get cooked or loosened by the steam.

Bissell Symphony side

Overall the Bissell Symphony All-in-One Vacuum and Steamer was very easy to use, and it worked very well. I’m excited to clean my floor in the future (don’t ask my why, I don’t know). The rest of our house may be a mess, but at least our floors will be looking spotless much more often!

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  • My mom got a Bissell Symphony recently and she has been singing its praise ever since. I have been thinking about getting a new vacuum and based on this review and my mom’s recommendation, I think I have found the right one.

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