The Voice Season Five: Audition Night #2 Commentary and Playlist

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Sorry this post is a little later! I was too tired on Tuesday night to post it…and Wednesday just got away from me.

Tuesday night’s episode was full of talent, don’t you think? I kept thinking, “Wow, this is DEFINITELY going to be the winner,” and then the next contestant blew me away. Seriously, tons of talent. Forrest was at a class during it, so I enjoyed the show on my own. Luckily, Jack decided this would be a good night to go to sleep without a fight, and I watched the entire show without any interruption.

While the first night was full of amazing male talent, I think the girls really rocked it tonight. And I have to admit, it’s kind of fun to have the original four judges back. They do have great chemistry, and even Christina isn’t annoying me too bad (okay, there was one point tonight where she was just going way overboard about something, but, whatever.) Something I love about The Voice is how the judges are so nice to that people trying out, and don’t try to make them feel bad at all. I think it makes the experience more pleasant, both for viewers, and those watching.

Also, I forgot how fun Ceelo is, and how much I like him. He’s so laid back, but he genuinely seems interested in the well-being and success of his team.

Now, on to the people who performed (and made it) tonight, along with the songs they sang. I’ve included the actual videos of my favorite performances, but if you click on the names, you’ll be directed to the YouTube video of them.

Jacquie Lee — Back to Black by Amy Winehouse: This girl seemed really sweet, and kind of reminds me of Selena Gomez (looks wise.) I think it’s awesome how goes to the hospital to sing to cancer patients. That’s the type of teenagers we did in this country. That’s awesome. I was surprised no one turned around for awhile, as she has such a powerful voice. I was happy that Christina and Blake both turned around, though I was surprised she went with Christina, because, as Blake put it, he “specializes in 16-year-old girls winning this show.”

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Barry Black — What You Won’t Do For Love by Bobby Caldwell: This guy was from the America Samoa, and seemed like a really fun guy. I’m always a sucker for the people who play guitars during their tryouts. It definitely had an interesting, with the noises he made with his mouth, so I wasn’t sure what to think. But when he started singing?  Oh my gosh – swoon! I LOVE his voice. He won me over when he first opened his mouth. Such a soothing voice, he kind of reminded me of someone that could sing Jason Mraz sort of songs. He went with Adam, and I think that was a good choice.

Holly Henry — The Scientist by Cold Play: By far, my favorite performance of the night. I LOVED how her  little brother started crying when the judges turned around, that was seriously so touching.   It made me really feel like she was a good person. I think this girl will definitely be in the finals. I’m so glad she chose Blake!

Destinee Quinn – sang Cowboy Take Me Away by the Dixie Chicks.  She kind of reminded me of a flower girl, but she had a very powerful voice, which I really wasn’t expecting , to be honest. I’m surprised Blake didn’t turn around, but it seems like he isn’t he’s not going with the country angle this year. You can tell her parents are rooting for Blake to turn around. Extremely powerful. nice move Ceelo. I thnk she was disappointed Blake didn’t turn around, but I’m glad christina and ceelo did. Christina. I think that was smart for her to go with Christina. I think she will take her far.

Austin Jenks — Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynard: Reminds me of someone from last season (can’t remember his name, exactly. He was from Provo!) He definitely has a nice crooner voice, which I always love. He definitely had one of those heart wrenching stories that makes me want him to get through. I think he will do really well on Blake’s team.

E.G. Daily — Breathe by Faith Hill:  As soon as she starting talking, I knew this was the voice of Tommy Pickles. I think it’s cool that she stopped doing voice overs to raise her family, and that even though she is older, she is coming back to try out another talent of hers. I wasn’t totally sure if I liked her voice at first, but part way through the voice, but when she got to the chorus, she really killed it. Though, I must admit, I could totally hear Tommy Pickles in her voice! I think she’ll have fun on Blake’s team.

Jonny Gray –  All These Things I’ve Done. His voice had a very different tone to it– to be honest, it sounded  a little bit like he was yodeling. I think he definitely has the entertainment part down. I’m glad Adam turned around for him, I can only imagine how happy he was, since he had mentioned how much he wanted to work with him. For that matter,  I was so surprised he picked Ceelo, since he said he wanted to work with Adam. With that said, I think that him and Ceelo will work together will.

Tessanne Chin — Try by Pink. This girl was from Jamaica, which was kind of cool. I knew she was going to have a good voice, as they were promoting her throughout the entire show. She really did have an incredible voice. I may have really liked it because I love that song. She definitely could win it, if she’s given the right songs. I think Ceelo is in love with her already, so maybe it was a good thing she went with Adam. I’m excited to see what else she has up her sleeve.

My Top Three of the Night:
Holly Henry

Tessane Chin

Barry Black


Current Teams: 


Shelbie Z

E.G. Daily

Austin Jenks

Holly Henry


Donna Allen

Nick Hawk

James Wolpert

Barry Black

Tessanne Chin


Caroline Pennell

Kat Robichud

Jonny Gray


Matthew Schuler

Josh Logan

Jacquie Lee

Destinee Quinn


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