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Looking for easy bathroom flooring options? NuCore is a waterproof product that can be used over your existing flooring, and it’s easy to install. Here is a NuCore Flooring Review and our tips for making it even more successful. 

floor-and-t-pinThis post was done in partnership with Floor&Decor.

A wonderful part of the Holidays is family getting together…

That means more hands to get a project done, right?

How about updating Grandma’s or your parent’s linoleum bathroom floor ?

There is a great new product called NuCore that we found at Floor&Decor. It is “sound resistant, soft underfoot, and resistant to mold & mildew.” I took that statement right off the box because it really sums up its best features very quickly. I just finished installing it in our upstairs bathroom. It turned out great! NuCore can be placed over your existing floor, and even slightly uneven floors.

Here is a little before and after picture:

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What a difference it makes!

Here are a few tips for installing bathroom flooring, as well as specifically if you are using NuCore products.

Low Budget Flooring Option

There are a lot of different options for bathroom flooring. After looking at multiple options, we decided to go with NuCore flooring.

The NuCore products are a great low budget option.

It might not seem that way by just looking at the sq. ft. price. However, NuCore ends up being cheaper if you factor in not having to buy a moisture barricade underlayment, heavy duty tools, and other accompanying products that some floors need.

For example, with tile you have to get mortar, grout, and a wet tile saw. Even if you can borrow a wet tile saw, a new blade is about $70 by itself.


Most importantly NuCore can be installed relatively quickly.

Time is money after all.

With NuCore you don’t have to spend time removing the old floor, installing a moisture barricade, and it is easy to cut with a utility knife.

If you follow the instructions (which, admittedly, I didn’t at first) the pieces lock together quickly, and there is very little stressing about gaps. Plus, if you wanted to get the soft, sound dampening effects of a cork underlayment you would have to add $.60 a sq. ft. to the overall price and install it separately.

For essentially being a laminate floor, NuCore looks really classy. Sure, if you look closely you can tell it isn’t real wood.

However, it looks a million times better than the thirty-year-old linoleum that was on the floor. I feel like it is almost better than real wood because of how nice if feels on your feet when you walk on it.


I bought our NuCore floor at Floor&Decor. They have a lot of different types of flooring options.

Surprisingly, it only took us about thirty seconds to decide on a color (if you know Katie, she has a very hard time making her mind up about things especially).

We got the Cocoa Oak Hand Scraped color. The employee helping us showed us where the matching quarter rounds and T-transition pieces were, and we were out of the store after a total of twenty minutes.

Tips for DIY Bathroom Floor Installation

Read the Instructions

I would recommend reading through the instructions for the material you use. I really wish I had done that.

I think it would have saved me some time in the long run.

Know what Tools You Will Need

This will save you time in the long run if you aren’t constantly running back to the store for a tool you forgot. Every floor project will be different, so research the material and techniques being used to know what you will need.

Remember, if you’re doing a bathroom project you will have to take up the toilet, and reinstall it when you’re done. The NuCore floor is only about a quarter of an inch thick, so an extra thick wax ring should be all you need to reinstall the toilet.

Thinking of all needed tools for all steps will make your work go much faster. That is especially important if you have a bunch of family helpers for a Holiday weekend. You want to take advantage of extra helpers while they’re there.

You could easily install a NuCore floor in a bathroom during a weekend with a helper or two.

Here are the tools we used to install the NuCore flooring in our bathroom:


As always, if you have a different tool that gets the job done, then great!


Measure and Cut Accurately

I would recommend that you measure and place as you go rather than at the end the can disassemble and reassemble if you need to tighten some planks together.

Sometimes one little error in measurement can get exaggerated, and in the end it is a huge headache. When cutting, always remember on which side which channels are located. I always had my under-hanging channels on the top and right. I then flipped the plank over to make my marks for cutting.

A few times I didn’t mentally adjust for flipping the board back over, and I cut into the wrong side of the board. You have to make sure that your channels are located on the right sides, or you might just have to pull out a full new board to get just the right part of a board. Buy at least ten percent extra, and probably more than that so you can make sure you have all of the right pieces.

Cutting Quarter Rounds

Be careful when cutting your quarter rounds. These were a lot trickier than I thought.

Quarter rounds are partially square and partially round, so they’re a little tricky to cut at exactly 45 degrees. If you don’t cut it just right for your corners, then your corners won’t match up.

Take your time and measure triple, so you will only have to cut once. I used a circular saw to cut my quarter rounds. If you do the same, cut slowly so you don’t chip the faux wood cover over the wood composite. I had some issues with chipping when I rushed or didn’t cut exactly straight.

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  • how has your floor held up a couple years out now? Are you still happy? Anything you would do differently looking back?
    • It has actually lasted really well! I have absolutely no complaints. We had a darker wood, but I can't see any chips or imperfections. It's stayed put and resisted lots of water splashes. We've been very happy with it.
  • It looks like you have the same floor as us. We installed the NuCore cocoa oak. It looked great for about two weeks before all the scratches showed up. We were very disappointed. We aren't especially hard on the floor and haven't done anything that should cause it to have so many scratches. If you're in the market for some new flooring, and you want them to be dark like these, I'd try something different!
  • Great tips! I so love how your floors have turned out. Love it. I am thinking of changing my floors too. Hope my husband approves :)

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