10 Minute Tidy Up: The Five Best Fast Cleaning Tips

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We have all been there.

You get a call or a text message from a neighbor or family member asking if they can stop by in a few minutes. You either look around your house, notice how sparkling clean it is and pat yourself on the back. Visitors stopping by? No problem.

Or, more likely than not, you look around your house in a panic and wonder how you can quickly make it look more presentable. Am I right?

Over the years I have discovered a few tips and tricks to easily make your home look clean and sparkling in a jiffy. Especially for those unexpected guests.

I would like to share my top five house cleaning chores that are really quite simple that can be done quickly to help beautify your home.

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This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Endust for IZEA. All opinions are 100% mine.

1.) Dust

Nothing says “clean” better than a dust-free bookshelf or side table. Someone may not notice that thin layer of dust accumulating on your entry way table, but I bet they will notice if it is shiny and clean. Quickly hit the spots in your living space where you may have dust. It really won’t take long.  I would recommend using a product to help ensure you get everything. IMG_3177 I love using Endust Lemon Multi-Surface Dusting Spray. . You just spray a thin layer on a surface and wipe clean with a dust rag. It always leaves my surfaces clean and dust-free. You will never go back to just using a damp rag once you’ve tried it. It smells good- which is a bonus- and it is easy to use. Just point and spray. 

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It can be used on wood, cabinets, vinyl, finished-leather…everything! No need to buy a separate dusting product for every surface. Plus, they are available everywhere – Walmart, Amazon, Jet.com, grocery stores, etc. It’s perfect for picking up the tiny finger smudges of little ones and getting rid of yucky allergens that seem to make everyone sick this time of year! Here is a coupon and click here to find where to buy this product.


2) Empty the trash cans I don’t know about anyone else, but having an empty trash can, especially if it is not hidden behind a pantry door or under a sink, just makes everything look more put together. Grab the trash cans that are most visible to others, empty their bags and refill with an empty one. Trust me on this one, and try it out. See how much better a space looks with an empty trash can.

If you get a motion sensor trash can, it makes clean up even faster!

3.) Fluff Those Pillows

If you have pillows or throw blankets on your couches, quickly fluff them up. Give them a good punch to help them regain their shape. Make sure the cushions are tucked and straightened into the couch. Take the blanket and fold it nicely, and place it over the back of the couch or in a basket. Your room will instantly look more pulled together and not look as if someone was just asleep on the couch.

4.) Vacuum For some, vacuuming may seem like a daunting task that takes a lot of time. If you are having guests over, focus on the room you will be entertaining others in first, but if you are cleaning up for your own sanity go ahead and do all the rooms at one time. Who doesn’t love the look of fresh vacuum lines? Even if you have to vacuum around toys or chairs, if there are vacuum lines, it will give the illusion that your home is clean and tidy.

5.) Pick up Okay, this one might seem overwhelming if you have toys strewn about, or laundry piles everywhere. A tip I love is to keep an empty laundry basket in a hall closet or wherever you have room. Quickly grab the laundry basket and toss whatever you can into it. This is not to be used as a long-term storing space for these items, but rather a quick fix for when you’re in a pinch and need thing picked up. When you have more time later in the day, you can carry the laundry basket throughout the house and put items away where they belong. It makes it so much easier to do!


Hopefully when our friends or family stop by, they will understand that our homes are lived in and they don’t look presentable all the time. Most people won’t judge us for a sink full of dishes or a kitchen table that may still have cereal bowls from breakfast on it.

I hope these easy tips might help the person who has a few minutes to spare before guests stop by, or for someone who is short on time during the day but wants to get a few chores done.

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Here is the one I will be entering! I absolutely LOVE how clean my home feels after I used Endust Multi-surface spray. Our home feels (and smells!) nice and fresh afterward. I look forward to dusting now!9bbf344d-c845-4de9-8232-105142fa4fa3

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