Two Free Cricut Patriotic Cut Files

I’ll be the first to admit that I’m no graphic designer.

I think it would make a lot of things in our line of work a little easier if I was…but such is life.

When it comes to working with Cricut projects, I tend to go the semi-homemade route – I will often take images that I find through my Cricut Access subscription, and I create my own designs from there.

I get something somewhat custom…without the headaches of creating the elements on my own.

This month, I wanted to create some fun cut files for the 4th of July – my original intent was to put these on pillows using Cricut Foil Iron-on.

Well, things didn’t go my way with that. I had a totally blonde moment and used Cricut adhesive foil on the first pillow. I still ended up putting it on the pillow – and it’s still there….but it didn’t work as wonderfully as the iron-on foil does 🙂

With my second project, I just got in a bit of a rush, and it didn’t transfer the way I wanted it to. I also didn’t feel like the pillow material that I was using was ideal for this project.

But still, I really liked how these designs turned out, so I thought I would share them with all of you for free. You can open these files yourself and use them for projects, but keep in mind that some of the elements are paid – so you will either have to have a Cricut Access subscription (including for the fonts), or you will need to purchase the elements individually.

Either way, I hope that you’ll enjoy these cut files – they can be used for just about any project your heart desires!

God Bless America United States File

Land of the Free Cut File

For more fun Patriotic projects, be sure to check out the Patriotic “Make it Now ” collection in Cricut Design Space!

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