How to Layer Heat Transfer Vinyl

How to Layer Iron On Vinyl With Cricut and Other Machines

DIY batman shirt

Once you get comfortable with iron on vinyl, it can be fun to branch out and experiment a little bit.

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Layering iron on vinyl can be a great way to do that – and it’s really not complicated at all.

There will come a point where you want to have multiple colors of vinyl in an iron on project. When this first happened to me, I was so worried about how to do it!

I wasn’t sure if I would have to do a bunch of slicing and then put each piece together on the material like a puzzle…which sounded way too complicated!

Fortunately, I realized that you can layer the vinyl right on top of each other without slicing – it shouldn’t hurt the vinyl at all.

I recently did my son’s batman costume for Halloween (this whole tutorial is coming soon!), and I used this technique for the bat symbol. It went off without a hitch!

I will say that I think using a heat press makes it a lot easier than using an iron. I personally LOVE the Cricut EasyPress – we’ve been using it a ton since we got it a few weeks ago, and it just makes iron on projects so much easier. The finished product looks much better than when I used my iron.

Anyways, here is a brief tutorial on how to layer iron on vinyl:

Layering Heat Transfer Vinyl


Iron-on/Heat Transfer Vinyl – click here for more information on how to use iron on vinyl

Iron or Heat Press (such as the EasyPress)

Material to put vinyl on (I have been LOVING for solids for kids. They have everything!).

Cricut Design Space (this is what I’m using – however, you can use this same technique with other cutting machines)

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In Design Space, make your design! For this particular project, I was making Batman’s symbol for my son’s costume.

I uploaded my own Batman symbol (learn how to upload images to Cricut Design Space here), and then I used a free oval symbol (image #M4178D) for the background.

I change the colors to be the colors of vinyl I would be using to better visualize what I was doing. This also makes it so when you go to cut them, they will be sorted by color to the coordinating mats. For instance, if you have three elements that have the same color and three that have different, the three that have the same colors will be automatically sent to the same cutting mat (assuming there is enough space).

how to layer heat transfer vinyl cricut design space

After I had both images in there, I layered them how they would look on the shirt and cape I was making.

how to layer heat transfer vinyl cricut design space

I then pressed “Group” so I can resize them correctly, but they remain separate objects.

how to layer heat transfer vinyl cricut design space

Then, you press make it. You can then see each item on the mat it will be cut to. I love how it changes the mat color to the color of vinyl you should be using – it certainly leaves little room for error, which can be helpful when you are cutting multiple colors.

how to layer heat transfer vinyl cricut design space

Make sure you press “mirror” under EVERY mat.

Press continue – select the type of material you will be using.

Make sure you put the iron on material shiny/colored side down.

how to layer heat transfer vinyl

And send the material to cut!

After the material has been cut, weed out the excess. Layer them before putting them on your material so you can make sure it all fits together!

Now it’s time to layer! Put the vinyl onto the item you are adhering it to – starting with the bottom layer. For instance, with this project, I put the yellow circle down first , since the Batman symbol would be on top of that.

how to layer heat transfer vinyl

Using your iron or heat press, press the material into place. Remove the iron or heat press, let the plastic backing cool a little bit, and then test a small corner to ensure it has stayed in place.

how to layer heat transfer vinyl

Then, put your next piece of material on and repeat. Keep doing this process until everything is in place.

how to layer heat transfer vinyl

Voila! That’s how to layer heat transfer vinyl!

DIY Batman Shirt

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