Cricut Storage Ideas and Solutions: Machine, Vinyl Storage, and More!

Cricut Storage Ideas and Solutions: Machine, Vinyl Storage, and More!

I don’t know about you, but as soon as I started using my Cricut Explore Air, I quickly realized I needed a good organization system.

There are just so many accessories and materials – not to mention the machine itself…it can become a bit overwhelming.

I’ll admit that at first, everything just got scattered around my office, but that obviously wasn’t going to work.

First off, I thought I’d share about what Cricut offers on their website. I was recently sent their line of totes and bags, and they are BEAUTIFUL.

Not only are they beautiful, but they are perfect for storing and transporting your Cricut machine. They have been designed specifically for the organization and storage of your Cricut machine and craft supplies. It makes it easy to travel with your Cricut, too!

They are super pretty, too. Mine have been sitting in my living room for a little while, and I get compliments on them whenever people come by.

Here is what they offer (I provided the videos that Cricut made, simply because they are way better than me trying to describe them!)

Cricut Storage Totes and Bags

Rolling Craft Tote


Easy- rolling premium craft bag

– Hand-crafted, quality construction

– Multiple compartments, pockets, and detachable storage

– Specially designed to hold rolls of vinyl, iron-on, and more

– Multi-directional wheels roll in any direction

Machine Tote


Organized and dependable— – Tthe ultimate combination

– Designed to stack perfectly with our Rolling Craft Tote

– Side pockets, compartments, and sturdy double-snap handle

– Soft padding for added protection

Shoulder Bag


– Thoughtfully designed for mobility

– Padded section for laptop or tablet

– Holds 12”x12” materials

– Inside zippered pocket

Cricut Accessory Pouches – I just love these – I have one in each color. I love that they are easy to transport, but that they are also sturdy enough to standup on their own.

You can occasionally find deals on them here. At the end of this post, I will be doing a giveaway for a set!

But before then, here are a few other ideas for organizing your Cricut supplies! Most of these are pretty inexpensive and DIY-friendly – and of course, you can make labels for everything with your Cricut machine!

I have seen a lot of really cool drawers and desks, but I think I’ll stick with the basics here:

General Cricut Storage

Plastic Drawers – THIS ONE purchased a large set of plastic drawers (), which has been great for keeping things organized. Mine isn’t that aesthetically beautiful, but I just stumbled across this setI that I think is beautiful! You can put your machine on top of these as well, which helps keep things picked up!

The one that I have is rather wide, so if you’d like to have smaller drawers, you could buy this one (or even buy two – sometimes it’s nice to have multiple drawers and dedicate each to a specific material!).

Organizer Cart – I love this little cart! The drawers look like they are easy to pull in and out, as well as store lots of materials, and the top is wide enough to put your machine on!

Hang Mats – command hookIt’s important to try and keep your mats away from the floor and other materials, since they are sticky and attract just about every loose scrap, hair, or thread that’s floating around. Hanging them on the wall with a will help keep them easily accessible but away from everything else.

Coffee Mugs for Accessories – Okay, this is just what I do, but I think it’s fun. There are so manycute coffee mugs  out there – store your pens, scrapers, weeders, etc. in them! You could also use pen holders. This “I <3 Crafting” Mug would be perfect!

Paper and Vinyl Storage Ideas

File Folders for single sheets – Quickly organize your vinyl, etc. in file folders and then put them in a filing cabinet!

Bottle Drying Rack for Rolls – Well, this is where my two worlds collide – babies and Cricut. This may seem a bit out here, but this could be a fun way to store your rolls! This is the one I would recommend.

Door Shoe Organizer – I’ve seen a lot of people recommend having one of these. YOu can store rolls, accessories, etc. I think it’s great for places where you don’t have a lot of extra store or desk space for storage.

Plastic bins – This one is pretty simple…but sometimes that’s better, right?

Baskets in basket holder

IKEA plastic bag holder – I LOVE this! You can easily put them on the wall or on a door, and they should hold about 10-14 bags. If you Google “IKEA plastic bag holder Cricut” and look at images, you will see plenty of examples. They are $8.99 for one online…but if you have an IKEA nearby, they are only $1.99!

Wire baskets on wall/door – You can get ones that hang on the door or that can be attached to the wall – or you can put them into a little shelf! would be perfect for anyone who needs some compact solutions. Under shelf wire baskets

Storage Baskets

Wine rack – Amazon’s selection of wine racksI don’t drink wine, but when I saw a wine rack, I immediately thought it would be PERFECT for storing rolls of vinyl. Plus, they often look quite classy! You can check out to see if one fits your fancy!

Scrapbooks – I can’t remember where I saw this initially, but it’s a great idea. One lady said that she cut her rolls of vinyl into 12×12 plastic sheets, put them in 12×12 plastic sheets, and then put those into a 12×12 scrapbook/binder. Such an easy and smart way to stay organized!


Now you can enter to win a set of the Cricut storage totes! Here is the giveaway widget. This goes through July 15th:

Cricut Tote/Bag Giveaway

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  • Right now mine are in a large glass jar, and large I mean giant! I want to try the wine rack but would love to have the Cricut set it's so compact!!