DIY Month by Month Baby Onesies – Cricut Baby Onesies

Remember every month of your child’s first year with month by month baby pictures! These adorable onesies can be worn each month – at the end of their first year, you’ll be able to flip through these pictures in awe about how fast the year went!

month by month baby pictures

Cricut Baby Onesies

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of Cricut. The opinions and text are all mine.

When they released the Easy Press last year, I was ecstatic.

And when I had one to use in my own, I discovered that it quickly became one of my favorite crafting tools.

You see, I use a lot of iron on vinyl (and iron on foil, too!)

For t-shirts, for canvases, for bags…I love it all!

Don’t get me started on all the super awesome options for iron on Cricut has released in recent months – namely, SportFlex Iron on, as well as Patterned Iron-on (my FAVORITE).

I had been using an old iron before, and while it mostly got the job done…it wasn’t a very fun process.

The EasyPress made my iron-on projects so much easier to accomplish. Although it wasn’t a perfect machine, it worked well for what I needed it to.

So when I heard buzzings that a NEW EasyPress was going to be released…I could hardly stand the anticipation.

I was so excited when I heard the details about the EasyPress 2 and that would it not only be in the fun raspberry color (seriously love it), but it was going to be available in THREE different sizes – 6×7″, 9×9″ (the size of the original EasyPress), and 12×10

EasyPress 2

What really caught my eye was the smallest size – 6×7. I do a lot of smaller projects, and I’ve often wished that the EasyPress was just a tad smaller to work better with those. So my wish was granted!

I’ve had my EasyPress 2 for a few weeks now, and I really love it. I still use my original EasyPress for projects like t-shirts, but the 6×7 really comes in handy. I’m eyeing the 12×10, as I think that could be really helpful…but for now? The 6×7 is where it’s at.

Easypress 2 and Cricut Maker

When I first took it out of the box, I told Forrest how cute I thought it looked! It really is so little.

The first project that came to mind when I saw this fun new size was baby onesies! While I don’t have a baby that wears onesies anymore, I couldn’t get the idea off of my mind to make the monthly onesies that are so popular right now.

Cricut Baby Onesies

With Jack, I had printable month stickers that I used, and with Oliver, I put him on the same blanket with the number month he was made with blocks.

So cute, I know. haha.

I had some Cricut Patterned Iron-on in some pretty blue and pink pastel colors, so I thought that would go perfectly with what I had in mind. I have a friend who is having her first baby boy soon, so I decided to make them for her.

Cricut actually has some really good animal-themed monthly onesies available through Design Space, but I decided to make my own design, which you can access for free. I love how they turned out!

Printable Baby Month Stickers

I created two versions of the final onesie – one says “12 Months” and one says “one year”, because I’m sure people have different opinions on that!

But I digress!

This was a really fun project to make – not to mention incredibly easy – and it makes for a great baby shower gift. Using the EasyPress 2 in the 6×7 size made it even easier.

And here are two things that have really stood out to me about the EasyPress 2:

  • It heats up SUPER fast – much faster than the original EasyPress.
  • It remembers your settings from the last time it was turned out. Okay, I wasn’t sure what the big deal about this was…until I tried it. With this project, I left and came back to it several times throughout the day…and it was so nice to just turn my EasyPress 2 back on, and it just went right back to where we left off. So amazing!

There really isn’t a lot of instruction for this, but I do have a few tips, so make sure you keep reading to check out the full tutorial!

I’ve talked about the EasyPress in the past and everything you need to know (including details on the EasyPress 2), so if you want to read about this product in more detail – click here.

Don’t forget to use the code CLARKS10 for 10% off and free shipping on materials and supplies on This does not apply to EasyPress machines.

Baby Onesie Template


13 onesies/body suits – I bought this pack that had five 0-3 months, five 3-6 months, and five 6-9 month onesies. I’m not sure how well they will all fit – but it was cheapest to buy in bulk like that.

Cricut Patterned Iron-on (or whatever kind of iron on you want. Glitter would be fun, too). Here is the blue Patterned Iron-on that I used. I also have this pink sampler pack, which I think would be really cute for a girl! Both are from the Natalie Malan collection. Any Cricut Iron-on that has their StrongBond guarantee is amazing for iron-on projects – and they guarantee that they will last 50 washes (or more) when applied correctly!

EasyPress 2 (I used 6×7 size) OR an iron

EasyPress Mat – I used the 8×10 size

Cricut Explore Air or Cricut Maker

Cricut Fine Point Blade

Cricut StandardGrip Mat (green)


Click here to access the Design Space file. The current sizes worked for every sized onesie I had. Feel free to resize if desired.

When everything is the correct size, press “make it”.

Make sure you toggle the mirror button for each mat. This is always necessary when doing an Iron-on project.

Connect to your Cricut machine.

Select your materials – I used the setting for Patterned Iron-on. Select whatever setting is most accurate for what you are using.

Place the material “pretty side down” on your mat.

Follow the prompts to start cutting – load your machine with the mat, and press go!

Let it cut out all the phrases – repeat with each mat.

Carefully weed out the excess. Trim each month set down to its own individual piece.

Go to the EasyPress Quick Setting guide on Select your type of iron-on and cotton (unless the onesies you are using are a different material).

Set these settings on your EasyPress 2 and let it preheat. If you are using a regular iron, set it to the cotton setting.

Lay the onesie on your EasyPress mat.

Preheat for five seconds.

Lay the decal on top. Press according to the time suggested from the EasyPress Quick Setting Guide – with Cricut Patterned Iron-on, it was for 50 seconds.

Flip it over and press the backside of the onesie for 15 seconds. Remove the plastic according to the instructions above. For Patterned Iron-on, I used the cool peel method.



Cricut Baby Onesies

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