10 Awesome Ways to Eat A Croissant

10 Awesome Ways to Eat a Croissant

I’m a sucker for a good croissant. There is something about the buttery, flaky crust that just really tickles my taste buds.

What I love about croissants is how you can eat them in so many different ways. Sweet or savory- they are delicious.

I recently heard that Dunkin’ Donuts came out with a new breakfast sandwich- the Pretzel Croissant Breakfast Sandwich- and I just love how they combined a pretzel with a croissant! It got me brainstorming other great ways to enjoy a croissant.

So get in your stretchy pants, grab a plate and get eating- you’ll definitely want to try these out!

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I only mention the traditional croissant because it’s one of my personal favorite ways to enjoy one. I have memories from my youth of when my mom would by them for us to snack on. I especially like the mini croissants!


Mini Apple Pies

This is for anyone who loves something sweet. By using a tube of refrigerated crescent rolls you can make your own mini apple pie croissants. This recipe here  looks exceptionally delicious.


Ham and Swiss Croissant Bake

I love a good savory dish and using croissants in a breakfast type casserole is always a good idea. If you’re like me and think this sounds amazing, you can find a recipe here.


Pretzel Croissant Breakfast Sandwich

I love how Dunkin’ Donuts offers so many choices and  is always adding new items to their menu.

Because of this- we all get to enjoy this delicious breakfast sandwich which features Cherrywood Smoked Bacon, egg and Wisconsin Aged White Cheddar Cheese, served on a new pretzel croissant that brings together the flaky, buttery goodness of a croissant with the salty deliciousness of a pretzel.

We stopped by our local Dunkin’ Donuts for a quick bite to eat and decided to try it out- and let me tell you- it tastes even better than it sounds! I love that they don’t just serve these items in the morning- they know how busy their consumers are and offer it at all times during the day.

We enjoyed our sandwich with a refreshing orange juice since we aren’t coffee drinkers- but they do offer a range of coffees, espresso beverages, teas and frozen beverages that would also pair nicely with this sandwich.


Chocolate Croissants

This one can be as easy a melting chocolate of your choosing and drizzling some on top of your favorite croissant.


Chicken Salad Croissant Sandwich

If you have ever been to a bridal or baby shower you have probably had a chicken salad sandwich. They are my favorite! You could put the chicken salad on a roll or piece of bread- but they really taste so much better on a croissant. This recipe sounds super yummy and easy.


Homemade Croissants

I’ve never made mine homemade- it’s easier just to buy them am I right? However, it is possible and I’m sure they taste even better!


Garlic Bread Croissants

Switch up your spaghetti dinner by using croissants as your garlic bread. Simply slice each croissant in half, spread garlic butter and Parmesan cheese on each half, and broil them in the oven for a few minutes.


Blueberry Croissant Bake

Here’s another sweet recipe for you. It looks super easy- you just tear up pieces of the croissant, mix it with berries and a yummy cream cheese mixtures and voila- you have a fancy breakfast dish all ready to go!


Croissant French Toast

Take your french toast game to the next level by substituting that boring white bread for the decadent flavors of a buttery croissant.


Have I made you hungry yet? What’s your favorite way to eat a croissant? Are you more traditional or do you like to think outside of the box?

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