Secrets for Shopping at Joann’s Fabric

Are you a Joann’s Fabric fanatic? Here are seven secrets to shopping there to maximize your savings!

Shopping at Joann's FabricThere are a few stores that I frequent on a regular basis. One of those is Jo-Ann Fabric. I feel like there’s always something I need to get there, and I typically end up leaving with more than I went in for. It’s just one of those places that you can’t escape with just one thing!

Around where we live, Jo-Ann’s is pretty close to several other craft stores, but it’s just about the only one I go to. They have the best selection of fabric, and I think they almost always have everything I need. I remember going to Jo-Ann’s all the time with my mom when I was growing up, and, to be honest, I think we almost always go there at least once when I’m visiting. You could probably say I found my love for JoAnn’s from her!

Since we are having a handmade Christmas series this whole month, I thought I’d share a few ways to shop at Jo-Ann Fabric and get the most bang for your buck. You can get craft and sewing supplies, gifts, and even supplies for making yummy treats, so I think this is pretty essential information for the upcoming holiday season!

Joann’s Fabric Best Shopping Tactics

  • Coupons
  • Discount Program
  • Remnant Section
  • Shop after season
  • Grab a ticket
  • Ibotta
  • Shop online
  • Wait for the best deal

Joann’s Fabric Coupons

My philosophy for shopping at Jo-Ann Fabric is this – always use a coupon and use as many as you can. If you walk into that store without one, then you’ve already made one mistake! There are so many ways to coupon at Jo-Ann’s, it’s silly not to have at least one. Not every coupon can be used on every product, so be sure to check the fine print, but I think you can definitely save a bundle. You can use a different coupon per product you are buying, so you definitely want to round-up all the coupons you can!

Text Club

If you have a phone (even if it’s not a smart phone), this is the easiest way to save some extra cash. I think I get a coupon every week from them, and it’s usually a pretty good one. For instance, last week I got a 25% off entire purchase, including sale prices! Most coupons exclude sale prices, so that was pretty awesome. Some of the fabric I was getting was already 40% off, so that additional 25% made it even more affordable.

You can register your number here.

Mobile App

I love my JoAnn’s Fabric mobile app. It has a few different features, but the coupon part is the best. There’s always a handful of coupons at all times, and it’s very handy — especially when you forget your other coupons at home! The only downside is when you don’t have very good service on your phone, you might have a hard time pulling up the coupons. For whatever reason, Jo-Ann’s stores always seem to have bad service. Don’t ask me why!

There is an app available for both iOS and Android devices, which can be downloaded here.

Joann’s Online Coupons

There are always coupons available on the Jo-Ann website. While this is usually the last place I go to get coupons (just because I don’t like wasting our ink), I definitely print one off when I have quite a few different items I am going to get. There’s usually two or three that you can print off.  You can go here for their printable coupons!


I can’t remember if it’s every month, or every week, but Jo-Ann’s sends out a great ad in the mail that not only alerts you to current deals, but it’s full of coupons as well. I always look forward to my mailer coming in the mail each week. You can sign up to be a VIP member (and get 10% off every purchase), and it looks like you can actually sign up for their text club, birthday club, and email club there as well. They sometimes send out coupons in email form, as well, so that’s a great thing to sign up for as well.


This is one of my favorite ways to coupon — using competitor coupons! I almost always use a coupon from either Michael’s or Hobby Lobby when I shop at Jo-Ann Fabric. I believe that as long as the other stores sells a similar product to what you are using the coupon on, you can use the coupon. For instance, Michael’s doesn’t sell fabric, so you can’t use a Michael’s coupon on fabric, but you can use it on most everything else.

All in all, coupons are essential for successful Jo-Ann Fabric shopping! I’ve been known to use between 5 and 10 coupons at a time there. It really makes things more affordable.

Discount Programs

Jo-Ann’s has a bunch of programs you can sign up for that will give you a discount. I used to be a part of their student program, and I believe I got 10 or 15 percent off of all my purchases. I know they have a senior citizen discount program, a birthday club (I got a 20% off my entire purchase post card in the mail for that), and a teacher program. These may vary by store, so just talk with your local store to see if you qualify for anything!


I just found out that Ibotta has Jo-Ann’s rebates! If you haven’t been using Ibotta, download it now. You get cash back for certain purchases. I’ve seen great rebates, such as 10% back for your whole purchase. It’s a free app for Android and iPhone devices. This can be used on top of all your other coupons, as the rebates are done after you’ve made your purchase.

Remnant Section

This is a great tip to know if you buy fabric a lot. Jo-Ann has something called a remnant section, where they sell very discounted cuts of fabric. These are usually the end (or remnant) of a ream of fabric, so it’s usually one yard or less. However, I’ve found that they always have popular fabric in that section that is perfect for different projects I am working on. My office/craft room is full of pieces of fabric I got in the remnant section. This fabric is super, super cheap, and I can’t help but stop and look through the bin whenever I’m there. In all the Jo-Ann’s stores I’ve been in, it’s next to the cut counter, but if you can’t find it, I’m sure an employee can help you out!

Shop after season

This is a good tip for pretty much any store — shop for deals right after a holiday! Most stores are anxious to get rid of the previous season or holiday’s merchandise, and it’s typically marked down a lot more.

Grab a Ticket!

This is essential when you find the Jo-Ann store you are in to be very busy, such as on Black Friday. If you are planning to get anything cut at the cut counter, and it looks like there is a huge line, go grab a ticket! This way, you don’t have to wait forever in line to get your items cut. My mom started doing this after she went on Black Friday once, and I’ve always found it be pretty helpful. Our local store is usually really busy, and when I do this, I always have enough time to get my fabric, and I end up only waiting a minute or two in line. Much better than waiting aimlessly for 10-15 minutes!

Wait for the best deal

If it isn’t urgent, wait. Sometimes I’ll have a 50% off coupon, and then I’ll go in, and see the fabric I want is already marked 30% off. This is good usually, but when you have a great coupon, it kind of sucks. Sometimes I end up buying the fabric anyways (for instance, if it’s for a baby shower gift that I need the next day.) However, if it’s something that can wait, I

 Shop online

Jo-Ann’s has some great deals online and you can typically find most of their in store products online. I’ve actually found some better deals online than going in store, and sometimes, it’s just more convenient. You can get free shipping on orders over $60, and if you shop through Ebates (which you should most definitely sign up for — see my best cashback sites‘ post for more details), you can get an addition 2% back in cashback!

Hopefully you learned a few new tricks after reading this post! I really do love shopping at Jo-Ann’s, and with the upcoming holiday season quickly approaching, now is a great time to take advantage of some deals there! If I missed anything, I’d love to hear your best tips!

From a reader on how to deal with poor Internet service in the stores:

If you have a smartphone you can screenshot your coupons ahead of time. I do this with all my retail money saving coupons, before I ever leave my house. Screenshotting my coupons has an added bonus as well, for I then organize all of my coupons into a retail coupons folder in my phone’s photo albums, which when you are a personal shopper, as I am, you can save a lot of time & most cashiers a lot of frustration because your coupons are all in one place and access to each one is seconds apart. The screenshots are just like the originals and can be scanned as if they were. Hope this helps! ~Work Smart, Not Hard~ Rachel P.

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I've been a long-time shopper at Jo-Ann's...and there are definitely some secrets to shopping there! Here's what I've learned about getting the most for my money there!


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  • Great tips! I love Joann’s, too. My suggestion for the phone coupon that is difficult to retrieve once you’re in the store is to take a picture of it. When you get to checkout just bring up in image/photo and have the clerk scan it. No connection problems to worry about! PS- I do this with 90% of my online coupons or bar codes for online purchases with in store pickup.
  • I'm a JoAnn employee and wanted to let you know about some changes to policies. Corporate has gotten rid of almost all of the customer discount programs. Student and VIP (for members of groups like AQG) are gone. We still do military, the customer only needs to show a military ID at the register. We also still have teacher, Girl Scouts, and 4H discounts but you can't sign up for them in store anymore. You have to do so online and you get a barcode in your app. So no more discount cards, you must have the app for those programs now.Also, the kind of competitor coupons accepted by a specific store location depends on which competitors are nearby. My store only allows Michael's and Hobby Lobby as they are the only competitors within 50 miles of us. The next closest JoAnn, however, will take AC coupons because they have a store nearby. My store still doesn't allow Michael's coupons on fabric or notions because the local Michael's store doesn't carry them. And even though places like Wal-Mart and Menard's will carry things we do, such as Cricut, we are not allowed to match their prices per corporate because those stores are not considered our direct competition.
  • I just purchased a sewing machine online with in store pickup. Three dayes later the same machine is now $50 cheaper. Some stores offer a refund if the same item goes on sale for a cheaper price within two weeks. Does Joanns have a policy like this?
  • Do I understand the Ibotta deal correctly? Can one purchase something already on sale and then redeem the Ibotta deal 5% cash back?
  • No one has mentioned the 10% discount you get when you show your American Quilting Society card. I live in Grand Rapids MI and the AQS show has been coming here the last few years. I sign up to be a member and get their magazine, entrance to the show and when my card arrive there is an application to get the Joann’s discount card inside. I do get the mailings, and emails ( everyday)from Joann’s also.

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