Update on Disclosure Policies

This post is just to let everyone know that we have recently updated some of our disclosure policies to be in compliance with the new rules that the FTC has released. You will always be able to access this information on our disclosure page, which is located at the bottom of our site, or by clicking here. Here are some of the changes you will see:

Because of the new regulations that have been released by the FTC in March of 2013, you will now see buttons on certain posts (as of April 1st, 2013.) These buttons will lead you back to this page. Here is an example of the button you will see:

Preview Button

These buttons will be placed in a few different places throughout a sponsored or affiliate-related post. I know it might seem annoying, but the laws the law. You may see this post:
  • At the beginning of a post
  • Where information or links is given
  • At the very end of a post
The buttons will have different text, depending on what kind of post. Here are the descriptions for the different buttons/posts you will see:
Purchased (with own money)

If we are reviewing a product that we purchased with our own money, you will see this at the beginning of the post. All it means is that the product was absolutely purchased by us, and we loved it so much, we wanted to share it with everyone else!

Won (in a giveaway)

We love winning giveaways, too! If we win something and absolutely love it, we may write about it. This will just let you know that we did not purchase it, but we also were not sent it specifically for the purpose of it being reviewed. 

Sent for Review

If a company sends us a product to review, you will see this button. Many of the items or services we will review on Clarks Condensed fall under this category. You can be assured that, although we were given these free of charge, the opinion is one hundred percent our own. 

Affiliate Links
Clarks Condensed works with several different companies, and is an affiliate of them. Because of this, we may occasionally have posts promoting this companies and their products. If you click on a link in one of these posts, and you purchase something from that company (through our link,) we receive a cut of that money. These products are NOT more expensive and may sometimes have a discount. We only work with companies that we feel have worth while products or services. 

Sponsored Posts

We occasionally may write a post that is sponsored by an outside partner. We either are given a product/service, or monetary compensation, as payment for these posts AFTER the post is written. 

Occasionally, we may have people that have either won or purchased sponsor or ad space on Clarks Condensed write a post. When this happens, we will let you know with this button. We are not responsible for the content they produce on their own site, only what the post on our site from them and the content it contains. 



All we ask is that you be kind. We welcome differing opinions, but any comments containing personal attacks, sarcasm, etc. will be removed immediately. Keyboard warriors aren’t welcome 🙂 All comments are moderated and may take time to be approved. Anything not pertaining specifically to the content of a post will be removed (including comments about ads).


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