Survey: Step-by-Step Recipes, or just a picture

I’ve been debating how I do my recipe posts, and I figured there’s no better way to decide than turn to those whose opinions matter most — my readers!

My question is, how do you like to read recipe posts? Do you like it when there is just one (or maybe a couple) pictures of the final product, or would you rather there be step-by-step photos. I’ve seen advantages and disadvantages of both, and I’m just curious as to what more people like!

So if you don’t mind chiming in on this quick poll, I’d really appreciate it. Thanks!

Step-by-Step or Finished Product Only? free polls 



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  • I've been debating the same thing!! I just voted "finished product only" because I know how hard it is to take pictures during the baking/cooking process!! I was surprised everyone else voted differently! I guess now I know :) new follower from the blog hop...come stop by my blog

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