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The Audio of My Life

Ever since podcasts and audiobooks helped me survive a 4 am to 7:30 job as a janitor I have used the magic of audio to keep motivated through many tasks. Most people would agree that washing dishes, doing laundry, and mowing the yard can be very monotonous and boring. Even cooking dinner can need a little extra entertainment to help me feel motivated to do it. Fortunately, my audiobooks, Pandora, and soccer podcasts usually can motivate me to keep me on top of most of the mundane tasks of life. However, sometimes it is hard to wear headphones (they can snag on a lot of things), and if someone else is around, Katie, they might have to stick their hand right in front of your face in order to talk to you. One of my headphone tricks is to run the headphone cord down my shirt to keep it out of the way. Also, I have found that small stand alone speakers can provide a surprising amount of sound. One of my small speakers has Bluetooth capabilities and an internal battery that can power it for up to 8 hours. We have found the speaker to come in handy in our audio challenged car during road trips. Audiobooks help to keep me awake and entertained.

New Speakers Can be a Lot More Useful

Small speakers do have their limitations. Sometimes with single small speakers when I ‘m washing dishes or walk into another room for a second I miss part of a story or the thread of a conversation on a podcast. I’ve had to dry my hands many times just to pause what I am listening to in order to go into another room for a second. Luckily, Best Buy has helped me experience the new Samsung M5 Bluetooth speaker. Samsung Shape Wireless Audio is an expandable wireless audio system that uses a Samsung wireless hub and Wi-Fi to help you reshape the sound in your house. You can use the Samsung wireless audio app and speaker buttons to listen to internet radio and streaming music services on multiple speakers or different media on different speakers. I you’re lucky enough to have a compatible Samsung smartTV you can use the M5 speakers as part of your surround sound. The speakers work so well, I think I just bite the bullet and buy long audio cables so we can use the speakers for surround sound on our TV. We don’t go to the movies, and the speakers create such great sound I can’t resist not using them for surround sound. M5 in kitchen The speaker’s sound is as good as I think anyone has the right to expect from a speaker its size. The speakers have excellent bass, and during my recent trip back home for a wedding I regretted not bringing my speakers along for their sound system to play some background music. The speaker we borrowed didn’t work, and my small Bluetooth speaker I had for the road trip wouldn’t work with the laptop that had the music on it. However, I think the Samsung M5 speakers had the right connections in the back to use the cords that came with the other speaker to connect the M5 to the laptop. Oh well, too late now. I am sure that the Samsung M5 would have projected the music just fine in the reception area even with lots of people and conversations going on. Music can make all the difference in the mood of a room. Katie and I watched a movie recently that was in a mockumentary, fake documentary, style, and the movie had almost no soundtrack. I feel like movies without music are a bit depressing and less exciting. Some TV shows go way overboard with the soundtrack. MasterChef is a great example heavy handed sound effects and soundtracks. I know there are a few more shows like that. Does anyone else laugh at shows when there is over obvious audience manipulation with the soundtracks of television shows? M5 button closeupBest Buy’s August Audiofest

Their are many different ways to consume your audio, and now there are an even greater variety of speakers and headphones for everyone. With all of the HD screens we have now we should make sure we have HD sound. You should love the way you listen. Quality audio can provide great hands-free education and entertainment. I even heard once that the right music can make you think your food tastes better. Fortunately, Best Buy is a great resource to help you try all of the latest and coolest devices while finding what is right for you. It is nice to have a place where you can physically look at what you are going to buy and ask a real person questions. The last few days of Best Buy’s August Audio Fest are going on now, so make sure you stop by and see if they have something for you. They’re having some great events, deals and promotions that might be just right for you. Print


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