Our Trip To North Carolina

Well, we just finished our two-week trip to North Carolina to visit Forrest’s family, and it’s been a lot of fun. Forrest is from a small town called Sanford, which is just about an hour southeast of Raleigh. Sanford, and really, all of North Carolina, is completely different from anywhere I’ve lived, and it’s always nice to visit and get away from the hustle and bustle that comes with living near the city. Not to mention that North Carolina is absolutely beautiful! It rained the majority of the time we were there (though everyone kept telling me that’s not typical. I’m skeptical, because last year, it rained the whole time, too!)

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to do a little overview of our trip, and highlight some of the fun things we have done…just in case you want to visit some day, or have just desperately missed us!

First off, the main reason we were in North Carolina was for the wedding of Forrest’s sister, Meredith. We arrived a few days before, so things were a bit crazy (weddings always are!)

The day before the wedding, I helped make some of the bouquets and the boutineers. Be on the look out for tutorials in the near future. I was very impressed that Meredith wanted to do all the flowers herself, and I imagine it saved a lot on costs. She had some of the most beautiful roses shipped in from, I think, South America. I hadn’t seen such vibrant colors before on roses!


Of course, the day of the wedding was beautiful. The ceremony was sweet, and we were so excited to add a new member to the family. I love weddings! In the picture below, you’ll see some ties I made for Jack and Forrest. That was quite the fete, but I’m glad I did it. In fact, I’ll be posting some tutorials, and maybe even selling them soon.

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After the wedding, we had a lot of time just to enjoy ourselves. Because of the distance between Colorado/Utah and North Carolina, we don’t get to spend a lot of time with Forrest’s family, so it was nice to be there for two weeks, so Jack could get to know the Clark side of our family.

We went blueberry picking, which yielded with many delicious berries, quite a few ant bites, and seeing some of the hugest yellow jackets ever.


And with those berries, we made a very delicious berry crisp (recipe to come soon.)


And food…we ate some delicious food:


We went to a small restaurant called The Brass Kettle. Forrest and I went here on our honeymoon, and someone paid for our meals because they saw our decorated car. For some reason, I had really wanted to go back ever since, so we made a special trip there. Nothing says Southern eating like biscuits and grits (I had no idea what grits were before I met Forrest.) It was pretty good, though the waitress dropped Forrest’s eggs (which we were over easy) right by my feet, and didn’t clean them up until we left. But that’s okay.



We made a stop by Smith Field’s BBQ, which is one of my favorite places to go. They have delicious pulled pork (Eastern Carolina style, of course), fried chicken, potato salad, cole slaw, and hush puppies. We shared the plate, because it was rather unhealthy…but oh-so-good.



And on Fourth of July, we made black bean burgers. They were SO good, and definitely our best attempt yet. Sound tasty? Don’t worry — we have the recipe over here.

We went to the beach for a day, which was fun, and luckily, there was no thunderstorms! Unfortunately, Jack hates (and I mean really hates) anything that has to do with water, so he didn’t have that fun of a time. Him and I spent a lot of time under the canopy, playing in the sand. The beach was beautiful, though, and relaxing. Jack and I even took a nice nap on the beach. Nothing better than the sound of crashing waves for white noise. We went to Surf City, and basically had the beach to ourselves for a good part of the morning.


We spent a little bit of time in Fayetteville, home of Fort Bragg, where Forrest’s dad works. His dad took us on tour of base, which was interesting to see. One day, we tried to go to the Airborne and Special Operations Museum. I was actually really excited about it, but our hopes were dashed when we saw a sign that said, because of the sequestration, the museum was only open Friday-Sunday. We still had fun walking around the outside and reading some of the memorials and looking at the statues. 20130703_145824Forrest had a lot of fun playing tennis with his sister and some others, and he even got a new-to-him tennis racket. He said it is the nicest one he’s ever had, so he was excited about that. Jack loved having the undivided attention of family, and survived many falls (once down the stairs, which resulted in a lot of blood because he bit his lip. Grateful he didn’t bite through it!)


I had fun cooking (I fine tuned our ultimate baked potato salad — it’s even better than before!), learning how to make an incredible 12-grain bread, and just getting away. It wasn’t too hot, because of all the rain, which I was grateful for. We spent a lot of time outside on the deck, which I loved, because Jack couldn’t escape!


It was a great trip, and we were sad to leave! I was especially dreading flying back, because I hate flying, but I’m happy to say we arrived back safely.


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