March Madness Winners

Thank you all so much for participating in the March Madness tournament! We appreciate you all being patient with the process along the way, and the delay in the announcement, but we hope you all had fun. It sure was a crazy tournament this year — I don’t think anyone could have predicted it (and, I don’t think anyone did!) Without further adieu, here are the winners!

Grand Prize Winner: Scott Gourley


Second Place: brknopf (we have no idea who you are! If this is you, please email one of us, or leave a comment, so we can verify you entered the rafflecopter. If we don’t hear from you within 24 hours…we’ll go onto the next winner!)

Biggest Loser:

Sarah McClellan ($100 Albion Fit Gift Card)

And our two rafflecopter winners:

Charge Stand: Priscilla Starks

Albion Fit: Amanda Sakovitz

And of course, this March Madness Challenge could not have been possible without our wonderful sponsors. Here’s a little more about them.

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Todd Elkins from Zeal for life Challenge

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Albion Fit

Albion Fit has become known for their amazing lines of fitness clothing that is not only fashionable, but high quality and practical. Their clothing is designed by women, for women, and every piece is tailored to perfectly fit a women’s body. Albion Fit is a locally owned company that prides itself in luxurious and flattering clothing, while guaranteeing that you will absolutely love their products too.


The ChargeStand is a new take on portable power solutions. With a 9000 MaH capacity, the ChargeStand can power your cell phone 6-7 times, and your tablet 3-4 times over (can charge any mobile device that can be charged with a USB cable). You can use it home (cooking, studying, etc.), while traveling, at school, outdoors, and more.



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