An Upgraded Summer Tradition with Klondike

This shop is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Weave Made Media® and Klondike, but all my opinions are my own. #weavemade #KandyBar #ad An Upgraded Summer Tradition with Klondike

When you have a sweet tooth on a hot summer day what do most people want? Ice cream. Neighborhoods don’t have wandering cookie trucks, cake trucks, doughnut trucks, or candy trucks. Summertime is the time of the ice cream truck. So what is my favorite part of ice cream? the chocolate.

For me, ice cream is the base, and everything else is what makes it exciting. I like nuts on my ice cream. On my LDS mission I even tried a rice pudding ice cream bar, also know as a paleta. It even had raisins at the bottom, and I thought it was delicious. One of my favorite memories from when I was a kid in summertime was when I got to go to the house of this older couple down the street and get some delicious ice cream treats.

klondike close up

However, I distinctly remember my Dad introducing me to the original Klondike ice cream bar and Klondike’s Chaco Taco. We would usually get them when we were out and about on special occasions like going camping, canoeing and fishing. The first time I tried a Klondike bar it seemed kind of plain. There was no stick or crazy flavors back then. However, they seemed to have nailed the ice cream and chocolate part down, and I loved it. According to Wikipedia, Klondike has been around since 1922, so my great-grandpa could have easily eaten Klondike bars with his son. It is practically my duty as a father and an American to pass on the tradition.

Klondike is famous for its ad campaign that asks, “What would you do-o-o for a Klondike Bar?” Some people answer that question on vine. Some of the vines are very entertaining. You Tube also has some funny videos about Klondike Bars, as well. I especially enjoyed the one with the Chaco Taco, made by Klondike, being sliced up with a weed whacker.

klondike boxes

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When I heard about Klondike’s new Kandy Bars, I was excited to see what Klondike had created. Their new Kandy Bars have three flavors — Cookies and Cream, Fudge Krunch, and Caramel and Peanuts. The titles make the Kandy Bars flavors self-explanatory. Of course, I tried all three flavors. I didn’t have to do it, but I couldn’t help myself. They were all delicious in their own way. I’ve always loved lots of extras with my ice cream. It can be easy to go overboard and dilute any particular flavor. I think the Klondike Kandy Bars seem to add just enough flavors and textures without losing what has made Klondike great. klondike jack with box

I decided that I wanted to introduce Jack to Klondike bars and pass on the tradition. Jack could only have a small bite since he really isn’t supposed to have any dairy, but it is hard to say no to him sometimes. Plus, if I ever want to not secretly eat ice cream behind Jack’s back, I have to give him a small bite. I’m a grown man still sneaking my ice cream treats. It is funny how things happen sometimes.

Even though Jack usually shouldn’t have any I thought that I would take Jack to the big local outdoor pool for the first time this summer, and we would enjoy the moment with a cool Klondike treat. I choose the caramel because I thought that it just might have a little less dairy in it. I know caramel is basically made out of milk, plus everything else has milk in it. At least the nuts are lactose free.

As you can see from the following picture, Jack was very excited for his tiny little bite of a Kandy Bar. I only succeeded in letting him have one bite by giving him a small bite, giving Katie a bite, and then by wolfing down the rest before he could ask for more. It was a tough job, haha, but someone had to do it. In the picture below I think all the ice cream was gone by this point, and I was eyeing some chocolate that got on my wrist. Jack is obviously disappointed the ice cream disappeared so fast!

klondike amazes Jack


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