HUGE Disneyland Vacation Giveaway!

Exciting news today! I have teamed up with 9 other bloggers to offer you all an incredible giveaway today! It’s a ROUND ROBIN giveaway, meaning…each blog is giving away something different, giving you a chance to win 10 different prize packages! We have each linked to the next blog in the giveaway, so MAKE SURE to click through to each of them so that you have entries for everything! It should take you 5 minutes or less to enter them all! We purposely set it up this way so that you would have MUCH HIGHER CHANCES OF WINNING.

We are giving away all kinds of cool things, including a Disneyland Vacation for 2, a Kindle Fire HD, several Disney gift cards, and lots of other cool stuff. Each of the 10 giveaways require different entries, but they are all easy! Some require following us on social media, and some are as simple as naming your favorite Disney character!

Ultimate Disney Giveaway

We hope you are as excited about this giveaway as we are!

Here’s What I Am Giving Away:

  • Mickey Mouse Tool Set
  • Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Board Book Set
  • Mickey Mouse Coloring Set

Mickey Mouse Bundle Giveaway


To Enter to Win This Mickey Bundle, just comment below with your favorite Disney movie. The giveaway will go through next Tuesday (coloring book may vary.)

After you have entered, head to the next blog for a chance to win Disney Gift cards, a Disneyland vacation, and other fun prizes!


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HUGE Disneyland Vacation Giveaway!

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  • Sleeping Beauty!!!! Kinda really want that waffle maker haha. Although for our Disney World trip those gift cards would be amazing! Thanks for the giveaway!
  • I have always loved Little Mermaid but the more I watch Toy Story (thanks to my two year old that is everyday sometimes more than once) I might love it more than Little Mermaid!
  • My favorite Disney movie is 101 Dalmations. I just have such a fun memory of seeing that movie in the theater with my niece and she was so concerned about those little puppies! Such a sweet and tend memory. I just love it.
  • Beauty and the Beast was my favorite Disney movie when I was little. Now I like watching Frozen with my daughter. I love watching her sing and dance along with the movie. :)
  • I've loved Beauty and the Beast for years, but now I also really like Tangled. The whole frying pan thing cracks me up!
  • I love "The Fox and the Hound" because my son was so enamored with the book and movie. We read it everyday!
  • I love so many Disney movies! A couple of my favorites are the classics, Beauty & the Beast, The Little Mermaid and Cinderella!
  • Maleficent, Tangled, Lion King... so many to choose from!! but I think I'll go with Fantasia as my all-time favorite.
  • Ok. Trying this for the 3rd time! haha I hope all 3 posts don't appear all at once. Having technical issues over here. Our favorite right now is Tarzan. But it changes about every week haha.
  • My favorite Disney movie is Toy Story. As a kid I just knew my toys were alive so the imagination of it all is great.
  • My favorite Disney movies are Beauty and the Beast, Mary Poppins, Snowball Express and The Parent Trap. :) Rhea
  • My favorite Disney movie is Mary Poppins. Of the last few years I'd have to say The Little Mermaid would be the fave :)
  • I love every Disney movie. My newest favorite is Big Hero 6. They did a great job and my daughters love it
  • My favorite Disney Movie...well, it's a toss up between The Little Mermaid & Beauty and the Beast. They're both great! :)