Frozen Butterfinger Creme Sandwiches

Grandma Loy describes herself as a “70 something” grandmother, and she started Grandma Loy’s Kitchen two years ago. She has been married for  over 50 years, and has three children, and three grandchildren. Her recipes come from the recipe collection she has accumulated over the years, as well as some new ones she has created. Be sure to follow her on Facebook, Pinterest, and Google+!
Hi all,  I am Grandma Loy, and I blog over at From Grandma Loy’s Kitchen where I share recipes, old and new.  I have been collecting recipe for over 50 years.  I am thrilled to be sharing a recipe here today at Clarks Condensed.  Thanks, Katie, for having me.
With summer fast approaching, here is a great recipe for Frozen Butterfinger Creme Sandwiches.  This is an adaptation of a recipe from the back  of a Honey Maid Graham Cracker package.  It is a recipe that I fell in love with immediately as it had many of the things that I like about a recipe.  It was quick and easy.  It could be made ahead.  It could be varied in many ways.  It made lots.
Easy and quick:  the recipe takes only 4 ingredients and about 10 minutes actual prep time.  Make ahead:  the sandwiches need to freeze two hours and can be kept up to two weeks.  Easily varied:  Any flavor of instant pudding can be used,  and there are as many different things that can be stirred in as you can think of.  Just a ffew ideas are chopped candy bars, toffee pieces, mini chocolate chips, chopped, mini marshmallows, crushed cookies and chopped fruit.  Chocolate graham crackers would be great if you can find them.
Kids always get a kick out of eating something that they helped make themselves, and this is a recipe that they could easily help with.  Even little ones can spread out the crackers on the baking pan and put them on top of the filling.  These could also be made as a party activity if the party was going to be longer than two hours.  You could provide a variety of add-ins, divided the filling up in small paper bowls, and let each child stir in his choice before putting the sandwiches together.
Since the basic recipe was developed by a food company, it calls for  certain “brand name” ingredients; but whatever brand you chose will work.
Frozen Butterfinger Creme Sandwiches

Frozen Butterfinger Creme Sandwiches 

adapted from the back of a Honey Maid graham cracker box
20 Honey Maid Graham Crackers broken in half (40 squares)
1 pkg. (3.4 oz.) Jell-O Vanilla Flavor Instant Pudding Mix (any flavor, regular or sugar-free)
1 c. cold milk (I used fat free half and half)
1 ½ c. thawed Cool Whip Lite Whipped Topping
2 regular size Butterfinger candy bars, crushed
Spread 20 of the graham cracker squares in a large baking sheet or jelly roll pan.  Combine pudding and milk in a medium bowl and beat with a wire whisk for 2 minutes.  Pudding will be very thick.  Fold in whipped topping until well blended.  Stir in the crushed Butterfinger candy.  Evenly dollop pudding mixture on top of the graham cracker squares.  Place remaining squares on top of the pudding, pressing down slightly.  Cover with plastic wrap and place in freezer at least 2 hours.  When frozen, sandwiches may be transferred to a freezer bag.  Store sandwiches in freezer up to 2 weeks.  Makes 20 sandwiches.
I hope you enjoy these, and again thanks, Katie for having me.



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