Beauty Scavenger Hunt: Week One

One of the best things about blogging is the community that comes along with it. And with that community, it’s always fun to support your fellow blogging friends in different posts they want to do!

For that reason, today, I’m participating in a Beauty Scavenger Hunt Link-up, that my friend Cassie from Southeast by Midwest decided to start. Now, if you know me, I’m very much a minimalist when it comes to makeup or fashion. Partly because I’m just too tired to care too much, partly because I don’t like spending money on clothes and makeup, but mainly, I just don’t have fashion sense. I mean, look at this picture:


Okay, just kidding. I don’t have that bad of fashion sense — this was a Halloween costume my freshman year of college. For the most part, I know the do’s and don’ts (though I probably wear more unmatched clothing than most) of fashion and makeup. But it’s just not really my thing to put too much effort into it!

Anyways, here are my responses to the questions from this first scavenger hunt. Don’t laugh, and Cassie, if you want to ban me from participating in the future, I totally understand 😉 Feel free to nominate me for What Not To Wear though. I could use one of those makeovers!


Your Makeup Collection



Pathetic, I know. Basically, the cheapest makeup you can find, and just the bare minimum. Well, I guess the Mary Kay foundation isn’t cheap. Would it make you laugh to hear that at one point I sold Mary Kay? Yeah, that lasted about a week. Turns out, you actually have to like makeup in order to sell it! Anyways, I like e.l.f. makeup, because it is cheap, but decent quality. And when I wear makeup, I like to look as natural as possible, and I feel like these items help me achieve that. I have a few tubes of lip gloss that I like to wear, but I didn’t feel like looking for them for this picture. 

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Your Favorite Nail Polish



I need to change this question to “Your ONLY Nail Polish.” I only happen to have this because I won it at a Girls Night Out at the museum I used to work at. I’ll be honest though, I do like when my fingernails and toe nails are painted. I just have a hard time buying nail polish because it always seems so expensive! If anyone knows of a good place to get inexpensive, but decent quality, nail polish, let me know!

What You Wore (Make-up Edition)



Ugh, I so did not want to post this picture! One, you can’t even tell I’m wearing make-up (even though I am) and two, I look like a deer in head lights. Oh well. This is basically what I look like on a regular basis!

So there you have it!If this seems fun to you, be sure to write a post and link it up over here!


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  • I have the bestest blogging friends in the world. I'm not going to ban you from participating, I'm actually excited that people with smaller collections are participating at the beginning because that means if you keep participating we'll get to see as your collection grows. Elf is a pretty good brand for most things, especially blush. I wish you still sold Mary Kay because I've been wanting to do a Mary Kay vs. Avon type series but I can't find a person around me that sells it. I thought about selling Mary Kay myself since no one else around me seems to do it BUT again I can't find anyone around me lol. You, me, and Brenna have got to plan a meet-and-greet type thing sometime so I can give you two a makeover because if you didn't notice she's rocking the same type of makeup lol. But I still love you both :)
    • Haha! You are too funny. That would be fun to get a makeover :) I have a friend who does Mary kay if you want to talk to her! I'm glad you aren't banning me from participating ;-)
  • I am so glad I wasn't the only person dreading the selfie. I certainly didn't look like I was wearing makeup either, and at least your makeup collection is better quality makeup. For the most part my stuff is cheapies.

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