Zermatt Resort – The Perfect Family Destination in Utah

Zermatt Resort - Midway, Utah

We were given a two night stay at the Zermatt Resort in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own. 

Last week, we had the fun opportunity to go up to Midway, Utah, and enjoy a few days at the Zermatt Resort. It’s a great, family friendly resort that has a lot of great amenities and activities. I don’t feel like you ever had to leave to enjoy yourself (though if you do leave, Midway is a charming, small town with some fun activities.) I kept thinking how much I would love to do a family reunion at the Zermatt Resort sometime.

During our stay, we pretty much felt like royalty. It was during a slow week, and I don’t ever remember seeing even one other person or family there, beyond the staff. It was really peaceful and very nice to get away for awhile. There’s so much to do on the resort grounds — I don’t think you’d ever have to leave if you didn’t want to.

Staying at the Zermatt, we felt like we were instantly transported to Europe — it is a Swiss and German-themed resort and everything about it keeps up with that idea — from some of the food in the restaurants, to the decor, to the buildings, it’s definitely unlike any other place we’ve been in Utah. It’s nestled in the mountains, which also makes it a very cozy location.

Resort Rooms

We stayed in one of the pent house suites, and it was so lovely. We felt like the room felt very rustic. It was large and the beds were extremely comfortable.

Zermatt Resort - Midway, Utah

We had a little kitchenette with a microwave, refrigerator, sink, and plenty of storage for the snacks and breakfast foods that we brought with us.

Zermatt Resort - Midway, Utah


The bathroom was amazing — very much like one that I would love to have in my own home (I can dream, right?!) It had a nice, jetted bathtub as well as a shower, a large vanity, and it was overall very spacious. An interesting addition to the bathroom was the bidet! I’d never seen one of those before in any hotel or resort we stayed at.

Zermatt Resort - Midway, Utah zermatt-resort (9 of 49) zermatt-resort (11 of 49)


The rest of the room was great as well. There was a cozy fireplace (Jack slept in a pack-and-play by it and loved when we turned it on at night), a nice little living area that had a fold out couch, and there was also a little patio/deck. We enjoyed sitting out there and enjoying the beautiful view.

zermatt-resort (5 of 49)

Hotel Amenities

As I mentioned already, The Zermatt offers just about everything you could need for a fun vacation — yummy restaurants (that are reasonably priced), tennis courts, shuffleboard, indoor and outdoor pools (and a hot tub), exercise facilities, a spa…need I go on?

The pool area was beautiful! These pictures speak for themselves:

Zermatt Resort - Midway, Utah Zermatt Resort - Midway, Utah

It was super relaxing just to be in pool area. We loved that the indoor pool connected to the outdoor pool, so you could enjoy the best of both worlds.

Zermatt Resort - Midway, Utah

One of the things that the Zermatt really prides itself in, I think, is the Spa and Wellness center. Here, they have free (for guest) classes, such as Yoga, massages, a dry sauna, an exercise facility, facials, body treatments, manicures/pedicures, and mores. While I didn’t get to do any of these things while we were there, I think they sounded heavenly. Forrest loved the exercise facility — no one was there, and it overlooked a great view.

zermatt-resort (20 of 49)

It was a bit too cold for us to want to do this, but we thought it was neat that they had a mini golf course right on the resort property.

zermatt-resort (43 of 49)

Resort Grounds

Even though it was a bit chilly during our stay, we spent some time enjoying the beautiful grounds of the Zermatt and just the fresh, mountain air. They had a beautiful pond that had lots of ducks (Jack’s favorite!) and lots of little pathways to go on walks with.

Zermatt Resort - Midway, Utah

zermatt-resort (25 of 49)

However, our favorite thing was the carousel! Jack was in love with it — and he was totally spoiled, because he got to three times. It was the first time he had been on one, and he sure was disappointed when we didn’t get to go again.

Zermatt Resort Carousel - Midway, Utah




The staff…I can’t say enough good things! We only interacted with a few people (they were all there for the duration of the trip), but they all were so kind and professional. They went out of their way to make sure we were comfortable, entertain Jack, and answer any questions we had with a smile. Their customer service was great, and it really made a big impression on us. I often think that the staff of a hotel can really make or break your stay, and it definitely made us want to come back.

I can’t remember her name, but one of the girls working during that time was awesome. She always called out to Jack when we walked by, made sure we had everything we needed, and she even gave Jack some money to throw into the little fountain at the front of the hotel. Jack loved it!

zermatt-resort (33 of 49)


We only tried out one meal at the Zermatt during our stay, but it sure was delicious. We ordered it as room service and were definitely not disappointed. I believe the food came from the restaurant Matty’s Bistro, which is one of the restaurants on the resort grounds.

zermatt-resort (12 of 49)


We ordered the Frisco Burger (beef, sweet onions, lettuce, tomatoes, thousand island dressing on top of a grilled parmesan sourdough toast) and sweet potato fries, along with a bistro salad.

Matty's Bistro - Zermatt Resort


The sweet potato fries were some of the best we’ve ever tried. They were thick, had amazing flavor, and were very filling. I think I could have eaten a whole meal of just those. The hamburger was very savory, and Forrest and I both felt very full afterwards. I’m not usually a sourdough fan, but I LOVED the parmesan sourdough it was on.

The salad had everything that a good salad should have — fresh greens, ripe tomatoes, and crunchy croutons. I didn’t love the dressing we got with it (some kind of vinagrette), as it was just a little bit too oily for my taste, but the salad was really yummy overall. Much better than what we’re normally served at restaurants.

zermatt-resort (14 of 49)


If you can’t tell by now, we loved staying at the Zermatt. It was SO family friendly, and we felt right at home. Although it was an extremely nice resort, it didn’t feel like we had to be the richest of the rich to stay there. It was just a nice place to go and relax for a few days, and we definitely plan on going back soon. I think it’s perfect for anyone — families, couples, or just anyone who wants to get away from the every day hustle and bustle of life.

I’m always seeing deals on Groupon and KSL Deals for the Zermatt, so definitely keep your eyes open for that. They always have great deals going on as well, so check their site often for their latest special.


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