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Katie and I took a road trip recently to Rexburg, Idaho to visit her sister and her family. It is about a four hour drive, so with decent traffic, cruise control, and not going too fast we were able to make it there on less than one tank of gas. As usual, high demand during holidays makes the prices go up. So when everyone ends up driving a lot it is always more expensive. I didn’t realize how many people went to Idaho with campers and RVs for holidays. This is the time of year to go, though. I’ll leave Las Vegas for winter time. I’ve never been to Vegas. In Rexburg we went fishing, to a water park, and played on some sand dunes. Rexburg had a nice Fourth of July parade and firework show. We were able to see the fireworks from a trampoline in Katie’s sister’s backyard.

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I always like to be well prepared for road trips. It is strange how hard it can be to sit in a seat and drive for several hours. It always seems very draining. Katie doesn’t really do very much driving other than going to the gym, and on road trips it is a one man show. I always like to stock up on a few essentials to keep myself a awake and alert on the road. First, I grab some sunglasses. I have always squinted a lot when it is sunny outside, and I have found that nearly closing my eyes why driving is both tiring and makes me sleepy. Sunglasses are important. I make sure to use the cruise control as much as possible, and move my legs into different positions to avoid getting to stiff and uncomfortable.

Second, I get a Gatorade and a Dr. Pepper. I don’t drink caffeinated drinks very often, so I don’t need a Red Bull or Five Hour Energy to get the full effect. Then, I grab some kind of sweet and salty snacks to keep me from being hungry and bored. Third, I get a familiar CD (no consistent radio stations on a long trip) to sing along to (extra oxygen to the brain), and we get an audio book to listen to. We finally finished the Divergent series during our drives to Denver and back. It was a little tricky starting in the middle of a book that we last listened to on our last road trip about six months ago, but we finally figured out what was going on. Katie was disappointed in the ending. I don’t really enjoy road trips. When I am on a road trip I usually don’t like making scenic detours, or stopping by a long lost friend’s house to say hello. I just want to get it over with as fast as I can. It is all about staying in the driving ‘zone’ for me. Plus, it is great for traveling when you have a lot of stuff and little kids.Jack on the Dunes

Fortunately, Sunoco has made roadtrips a lot easier. If you didn’t know, Sunoco is a gas supplier mainly located on the East Coast. Find out where Sunoco stations are here. Sunoco actually sells gas gift cards. However, Sunoco’s gas gift cards can be used to buy about anything else at a Sunoco station. You could get a pair of sunglasses, some snacks, a drink to keep you awake, get a car wash, or buy some extra oil you just might need. It is always good to check your oild and other things before a road trip. A car breaking down in a strange place might make for a good story, but it is expensive and annoying at the time. A Sunoco gift card makes it easy to get your main road trip needs in one place to keep your trip moving along. It is funny how gas stations like Sunoco can seem like an oasis in the desert during a long road trip. You can finally use the bathroom, stretch your legs, and find something delicious to eat. It seems like it would be a great gift to give family or friends that you want to come visit you. Even if you don’t live on the East Coast you probably know someone who does, so be sure to enter the raffle below for a $25 Sunoco Gas Gift Card.

Do you have any good road trip stories or tips? If so, feel free to share in the comment section below. Plus, you can enter the raffle with your comment as well.

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