How to Send a Postcard for $1.99

How to Make a Personalized Postcard

How to Send a Postcard

Have you ever taken a picture on your phone, planned in your mind to print it off  to send to someone who lives far away, only to totally forget to do so?

Sometimes we want to communicate with those we love in a more personal way than through Instagram or Facebook, right?  And not all of our family and friends are even on those sites!

Well, has felt your pain and come to the rescue!  Their phone app “MyPostcard” allows you to choose a photo, write your text, and have it ready to be mailed within just a few short minutes. Sound amazing?

It pretty much is.

For only $1.99, MyPostcard creates and mails an actual postcard to anywhere in the world!

Hard to believe, but true.

Can you even imagine how  receiving this postcard of some of his great-grandchildren made Great-Grandpa smile?

And although this isn’t the greatest picture, it is a great memory of when Bruce and I were on a lighthouse tour in New Hampshire and the captain said to turn to the east side (actually he said starboard) and wave to Portugal.

Since our son is serving a mission in Portugal we took the captain literally and waved to our son. I just made this into a postcard and sent it off and can’t wait to hear how he liked it!

How to Use MyPostcard

Whether or not you want to send photos from your cell or from your computer, from Instagram, Facebook, or your library of photos, MyPostcard makes it easy.

  1. Download the (FREE!) app  MyPostcard in the App Store or Google Play Store and you are ready to send postcards using photos from any site on your phone.
  2. Postcards are usually produced within 24 hours and sent out by mail to anywhere in the world.  You can send the same card to as many recipients as you wish for the same low charge of $1.99 per address.
  3. You can also use MyPostcard right from your computer by going to the website, but the app on my phone is so handy I prefer using that.
  4. You can get $5 of credit with the code clarkscondensed.

One of my favorite things about this app is that it shows you what the postcard will look like before you order it. You can even edit your photo after you have downloaded and attached it.  I found that I had totally cropped out my husband’s head in one picture and was able to correct that very easily before the postcard was sent.

Notifications  are sent  when your postcard is completed and again when it is sent so you can follow it every step of the way.

Shipping takes from three to six business days.  To help you estimate when you card will arrive,  MyPostcard will let you know as soon as they have delivered it to the post office.

I love shopping online and do it frequently.

However, the one thing I dislike is leaving my credit card information.

I rarely  store it with the company (I’m old school that way), which of course means I have to input it every time I order something.

MyPostcard has made this easier by allowing you to purchase credits in whatever amounts you like.

If you purchase $20 in credits you can send ten postcards before you have to refill.  You can choose to store every address you send to so that the next time you mail that person a postcard the address is already there. Honestly, the part that takes the longest is writing the message!

Once you are a member  of MyPostcard you will be given a  personalized “Friends Code” that you can send  to family and friends and invite them to try out the site.  Every time one of them registers on MyPostcard using your code,  three dollars will be added to both of your accounts.

All postcards are standard postcard size and format, and are given a high quality gloss lamination on the  picture side. Although each  postcard goes through a quality assurance process,  damage can occur during shipping as with any postcard.

To make sure your postcard arrives in perfect condition every time you can pay a little extra to have it sent in an envelope.

In addition to sending postcards, also offers, among other products,  photo greeting cards for $3.99, a set of 8 postcards with the same picture for $7.99 that are mailed to you to send out; and a box of photo prints (any variety of pictures) starting at 15 for $8.99.

There are 28 categories to choose from when making a greeting card, including (but not limited to)  birthday, thank you, and holiday cards.

Check this site/app out and see all the different options available! Send a postcard to yourself and verify the quality. This is a super fun way to stay in touch with people you love, no matter what part of the world they live in or how far away they are.




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