Beaver Run Resort Review

Beaver Run Resort Review

Thank you to Beaver Run Resort for letting us come and review their accommodations. All opinions are 100% my own. 

When I went with my family years ago, my parents just rented out an individually owned condo. I always enjoy staying places that have living areas to hang out as well as a kitchen so you don’t have to eat out every meal.

This time, we stayed at the Beaver Run Resort. This is an awesome resort that is in a great location – only about 10 minutes from Main Street, and it’s very close to free buses and ski lifts. They offer a variety of options for lodging – everything from traditional hotel-style rooms, to multi-bedroom condos that can sleep a lot of people. We stayed in a two-bedroom condo with a nice kitchen, a living area, and plenty of space. There was one large king size bed, two queen size beds, as well as two fold out couches, and two bathrooms – there was plenty of space for my parents, little brother, Forrest, Jack, and I. I found out that all the units are individually owned and the Beaver Run Resort requires they be maintained and updated to a certain quality. This makes it so every room is very well-maintained.

beaver-run-lodge (3 of 7)beaver-run-lodge (4 of 7)

I think this is a great place for families to stay, especially for family reunions. It was very family friendly, and there was a lot to do in and around the resort. Beaver Run Resort had a great pool that was indoor and outdoor, as well as a ton of hot tubs. We thought that was kind of cool!

Upon exploring, we found some free miniature golf, as well as an arcade. Jack could have spent all day here if we let him! It was actually pretty fun – especially the mini golf. Jack was the only one who got a hole-in-one!

Something I really like about the Beaver Run is that they have a great shuttle service! It runs all day and into the night, and all you have to do is let the front desk know you are ready to go. We jumped on the shuttle several times to go downtown, and we were always brought exactly where we wanted to go. It makes it so much nicer when you don’t have to drive around and try and find parking!



This full-service restaurant is one of the dining options inside of the Beaver Run resort. We enjoyed it.

We went there for lunch one day, and Forrest and I felt like the prices were reasonable. They offer a full lunch and breakfast buffet, as well as an a la carte menu items you can order. When we went for lunch, I ordered the pulled pork tacos and Forrest got fish.

We also went for breakfast the morning we checked out. The breakfast buffet a is a big draw for people, especially skiiers during the winter. It was a bit pricey (we don’t usually do buffets because of that), but there were quite a few yummy options. I especially loved the biscuits and gravy!

It’s definitely a good place to go if you are looking for some good food at a reasonable price.

Skywalk Market

Another place inside of the Beaver Run Resort is the Skywalk Market. This little store has  groceries you can buy, as well as a little grill with breakfast sandwiches, pastries, other sandwiches, salads, soup, and pizza. My mom, Michael, and Jack went here one day when Forrest and I were at Spencer’s, and they ordered a pizza. They couldn’t stop raving about it. I had a few bites of some of the pizza that was leftover. It was very delicious! The crust had a fantastic flavor – it felt like you were eating fry bread. It was a bit expensive, but the pizza was very large and you can get a variety of topics.


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