Walmart Saving’s Catcher = Ultimate Lazy Couponers Tool

I shopped savvy using Walmart Saving Catcher, as part of a sponsored post for Crowdtap #WMTSavingsCatcher.

How walmart is changing the couponing game to help you save money without even trying!

I’ve talked before about how I’m a lazy couponer. After talking with my sister-in-law, Charbel, who is an amazing couponer, I was determined to become better at it. That was over a month ago.

Have I gotten better at it? Well, if you count redeeming some coupons I got in the mail for free products, then sure. But if you are talking about cutting coupons, downloading coupons, or making any effort whatsoever, then probably not. Beyond using a few awesome cashback tools, I really haven’t done anything.

Until right now. Have you heard about the new Walmart Saving’s Catcher tool? It is pretty much the coolest tool out there. And I promise, I’m not just saying that. It is the ultimate tool for someone like me who just doesn’t have the time or patience to coupon. Basically, it takes all the work out of couponing, but you reap the benefits. I’ve shared various articles in the past on saving and making money with your smart phone and saving money online, so whenever I hear about another way to do that, I figure it’s worth writing a post about.

So what is Walmart Saving’s Catcher? Well, it’s pretty simple. Basically, all you do is take your receipt number and either scan it using the Walmart App, or input the code online. From there, Walmart will analyze your receipt and compare the products you bought to the current prices at other stores. If they find a store that has a lower advertised price, they will take the difference and add it to an e-gift card that you can use in store.

In case that was confusing, let me show you a few pictures on how to use it (this is using the mobile app — if you don’t have a mobile app, it’s super easy to do online, as well.)

First, download the Walmart app and navigate to the “Saving’s Catcher” option. It will ask you to scan your receipt’s barcode, which should be at the bottom. I had issues getting it to read my barcode though, so I ended up manually entering it.


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After you submit your receipt, this screen will pop up, saying how many local competitors there are, and where those stores are located. These will be the stores it will analyze when seeing if they are offering any other better prices.



Next, it will show you the details of your receipt — what types of items you bought, prices, etc.




Within about three days, you will be notified if any lower prices were found. If they were, it will be added to an eGiftcard!

The process is very similar for the website as well.

As you can see, this can really be a big game changer for people. For me, it’s something that will help me save money without even trying. If you try it, be sure to let me know what you think!




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  • I have taught myself to complete the Savings Catcher before I leave the store. I pull it up on my phone while checking out. I then snap a picture of the qr code as I'm scanning the receipt for any issues. I get credit faster this way and IF there is an issue and I have to return something, I can pull up my savings catcher and show them the receipt that way. Great tips! Thanks for sharing this.
    • I've been doing this lately as well! I was a little frustrated at first because it seemed like they always won out, and I didn't think that their prices were always the best, but lately I've been finding that the cash has been stacking up. Thanks for commenting!
  • Awesome!! I love ways to save easier!! Especially now that I've moved away from my favorite grocery store - Kroger. :( I have Walmart or HEB really. Still trying to figure out the best way to save here. Oh, and Sam's Club. But, whenever I buy stuff at Walmart I will be using this! Need to download that app to my phone. i submitted my receipt online on my desktop.
    • I'd be so sad if I wasn't near at Kroger Affiliate store! They have the best deals sometimes (I love Freebie Friday at the Smith's in Provo!)
    • I think that's something I have the hardest time with, too, with most of these money savings app! I was excited to see I got over $1 back on my last receipt, though!

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