Saving Money: One Dollar at a Time

First of all I’d like to thank Katie for allowing me to visit here on Clarks Condensed. I am Raquel and I blog about organizing, recipes, travel and more on my blog, Organized Island. Today I’m sharing some of my favorite tips to save a few dollars. More than likely you’re doing some of these things but probably not all of them. Hopefully I can offer you some new ideas.


1. Be sure to take some time to organize your pantry. By knowing what you have on hand it can save you a lot of money so that you avoid buying duplicates. Maintaining and organize pantry will also allow you last waste due to expiration dates. If it looks like this, you might want to organize it.

Pantry unorganized
2. Check for any retailers that you recently purchased items for lower prices. Many will give you an adjustment within two weeks of purchasing the item just by taking in the receipt.
3. Form your meal plan around items that are on sale at your favorite grocery store that week. You would be surprised how much you can save if you purchase items when they are on sale,
4. By summer fruit now and freeze it for later. You won’t need to buy frozen strawberries or blueberries for your smoothies in November if you get them now at a great price. Be sure to mark the outside of the container with the date you freeze it.
5 . Mark a date on your calendar every six months to review your current expenses. Sometimes companies add features you may not have ordered or maybe you will decide you don’t need the extended cable package after all. The same goes for insurance companies. Most people tend to stick with the same one without evaluating every year. Many times there are other cheaper options but we just don’t take the time to look for them.

6. Shop your neighborhood dollar store for great deals on gift wrap, party ware, school supplies, kitchen ware and cleaning supplies.
7. If you dine out often, reduce the number of times you go a week by one.

8. Take some time to evaluate your recurring bills. Is there anything you can eliminate? Make sure you are paying your bills on time. The last thing you want to do is pay additional charges due to late fees.

9. Make your own fancy coffee drink at home. With a variety of creams and toppings available, you can make a fantastic coffee in your own kitchen.

10. Sign up for coupons for your favorite retailers using a second email address dedicated solely for coupons. You can save a lot with just a little advanced planning.

So do you do any of these? What else would you add? Thanks again for the chance to visit. Please stop by the blog & connect with me on social media!

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