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A {{free}} Alternative to RedBox -- HitBliss with Amazon Instant Video

A while ago Katie and I ‘cut the cord’ and decided not to pay for cable or satellite television. Since then we have explored the many alternative television options. I wrote a post on some of those a while back. One of the alternative television options I found is called HitBliss. Originally I felt that the selection was relatively sparse. However, at some point recently they must have made a deal with Amazon, because you can now rent Amazon Instant Videos through HitBliss. Amazon has a lot of the same movies as redbox at about the same time that redbox gets them. Katie and I don’t go to the movies, so we ended up getting a few redbox movies a month. Sometimes we wouldn’t return a movie for a few days. On our meager budget it adds up to be a decent amount of money through out a year.

With HitBliss you can rent relatively new movies without worrying about driving to go return them. Obviously, the quality of the streaming a movie depends on your internet connection, but at least you don’t need a dvd player. Also, HitBliss has current episodes of many popular television shows. Katie and I have Netflix and Hulu+, so I don’t watch television shows on HitBliss. However, HitBliss, with Amazon, has a lot more newer movies than Netflix does.

If you are not familiar with HitBliss I’ll explain it for you. HitBliss is a program that you download on your computer that allows you to watch commercials to earn money to pay for shows to watch. The program tries to ensure that you are watching the commercials by detecting if anything is covering your screen, and by requiring to click on occasional pop-ups. The  more consistently you click on the pop-ups the less often they will occur. HitBliss asks you to fill out some information about yourself, and without that information HitBliss customizes the commercials for you. You could watch the same commercials over and over again if you really wanted. You can even save commercials you like in your own personal commercial list. I don’t find it too tedious to watch the commercials. I would much rather sit down for 15-20 minutes and watch a bunch of commercials than have to watch an entire movie on tv which could seemingly end up having 40 minutes worth of total commercial time. Hitbliss does limit how much you can earn at one time to six dollars, so you can’t sit down and watch commercials for an hour to save up enough for all of your movies for month. That wouldn’t seem too tempting to me any way.

I read that you can even have your money sent to you, in five dollar increments or donated to a charity. I am not sure what the process is to do that. You can use the money to pay for a month’s subscription to Pandora One. One limit on using your earned money on Amazon Instant Video purchases is that you can only do one purchase a day. However, since it is an Amazon.com purchase you can watch it on any device that supports Amazon Instant Video. Several times I apparently had trouble streaming my movie rentals, I think it was my internet, but Amazon refunded, to my Amazon account, the cost of the movie rental.

Basically, instead of watching movies years after they have come out in theaters on television with annoying commercial breaks every 15 minutes you can now watch all of the commercials at once, watch your movie on a variety of devices, and you can watch many movies as soon as they come out on DVD. Plus, it is all legal so you don’t have to feel bad about any illegal streaming.


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  • I just reached Trust Level 7 and rarely get prompted to hit the "I'm here" button. It also feels like I earn money faster.HitBliss is great, but there are two things I don't like about it: The commercial list is not very long, so you'll end up watching the same Afflack commercials and government PSAs over and over. And if you rent/buy Amazon titles you can play them on your Roku via the Amazon app, but if you buy HitBliss titles you are relegated to watching them on your tablet because there's no HitBliss app for Roku yet.I purchased several episodes of The White Queen (a Starz show) and it took me a while to realize that the reason they did not show up under my Amazon purchases is because that show is available directly from HitBliss. I believe that's because HB has a content deal with Stars. So just an FYI for other HitBliss users -- if you buy a title that isn't through Amazon, you cannot play it via your Roku.
  • We started out using Hitbliss about a year ago...and your right, the selection wasn't great, but the other day, I tried it again and found out about the Amazon feature. This is really cool. I haven't had any issues at all renting more than one movie a day through Amazon via Hitbliss...however, today, I got a message saying that we could only rent 5 movies from Amazon a week. That is a HUGE bummer.Also, we have no problem at all earning enough credits for movies. It only takes about 5 mins or so (depending on your trust level). I have my daughter do it....its how she earns the movies she wants to rent.
    • Thanks for your input, Karen! We think the selection is awesome now. This week we've watched Frozen and Finding Nemo. Definitely a great alternative to RedBox, or even just buying the video. We've found it takes very little time to get the credits to. That's a great way to let your daughter earn "money" for movies :)
  • I find it odd there isn't anyone breaking down how much hitbliss credits work. This review said there was a limit of six dollars at one time but how many ads do you have to watch to earn six dollars? One review I saw somebody said they earned 50$ by watching an hour of ads but another review I saw said it took him a week of watching ads when he could just to earn enough for one movie.
    • For me, it generally breaks down to about 6 ads (between 30 - 60 seconds each) for every $1. It takes around 15 minutes total to earn the full $6. Also, while some movies are more expensive ($4.99), many others only cost $2.99 + tax, so it could take you even less time to earn enough money for one rental.

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