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I am truly not a patient person. It’s something I am always working to be better at. But when it comes to health, if something comes up and one of us need to see a doctor, I don’t want to wait!

When we were in Utah, we were always able to get into our doctors right away, usually that very day. However, this has not been the case since we’ve been in Colorado. About a month ago, Jack had a rash all over his body that wouldn’t go away, and they couldn’t get us in for five days. And just the other day, I went to schedule an appointment for myself, and they were scheduled out two weeks! Kind of ridiculous if you ask me.

So when I heard about the Walgreens Healthcare Clinic, I thought it was a great idea. My mom told me that a friend of hers only went to these clinics now, because they were so friendly and helpful. From what I read, they take walk-ins, and you typically didn’t have to wait super long. And, best of all, they treat just about every ailment that any other doctor could take care of! Click on the image below to see just everything that is offered.

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As I mentioned, I wasn’t able to get in to see the doctor as soon as I wanted, so Forrest and I decided that this was the perfect time to check out this clinic. There was luckily the Healthcare Clinic Littleton just about five minutes from the house, so we went over there. Unfortunately, we got there at 1:00, which was when it was closed for an hour. So we went back the next day to check it out more fully.

There weren’t any employees there, but the sign-in process was completely electronic, with guided touch screens to help you. The process was easy, and I was able to navigate through the process quickly. It asked questions about why I was there, if I had an appointment, and what my insurance was. Although they accept almost every insurance (seriously, there must have been at least 100+ different ones listed) they didn’t accept mine! So I wasn’t able to get seen like I wanted, but had it been an emergency, the prices aren’t even too bad if someone is uninsured.

The Walgreens Healthcare Clinics are open past typical doctor’s office hours, both in the evenings and on the weekend, and are located across the country and lots of different Waglreens’ stores. They are perfect for people in all sorts of situations — people who don’t work traditional hours, someone who doesn’t want to wait several days (or weeks) to get into their primary care physician, or someone who may be new to the area and doesn’t have a doctor yet.  Plus, if you get a prescription from the physician that you see, you’ll be able to get it filled right away since the Walgreens Pharmacy is right next to it. Of course, you have the option of going to whatever pharmacy you want, but if you are a one-stop shopper like me, this can make life easier!

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The process of signing in was a breeze, and to be honest, I preferred it to checking in with an actual person. No need to spell my name out loud!

#HealthcareClinic #shop

Something else that I think is awesome is that you check the website before you go in to make sure there is no wait. As I said, I have very little patience, especially when it comes to waiting. So to be able to time my visit perfectly (assuming, of course, no one gets there between the time I leave my house and the time I get there) so I don’t have to wait at all? It would be like Christmas! And even if you do have to wait, you’re in Walgreens, and you could just walk around, buy a snack, or even rent a Redbox!

I have to admit, though, the only downside is no toys in the waiting room! That’s definitely a plus side of going to a traditional doctor’s office, as they typically do have some kind of entertainment for children. So I hope the employees of Walgreens didn’t mind that Jack came up with his own entertainment . . .


Although the Walgreens Healthcare Clinics are not everywhere yet, I really hope the idea catches on. We’ll be going back to Utah soon, and I think that people there would really find these clinics to be beneficial. Believe me, having to go the emergency room or urgent care because its after hours is no fun in Utah County.

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  • Your Jack is SO precious. I can't believe they didn't take your insurance! And you're in Colorado? I LOVE it there. I've only been to the Salt Lake City airport, so I can't say whether or not I like it better, but both states are gorgeous. Lucky girl!
    • Oh thank you! And yeah, it's pretty ridiculous. We have Kaiser, and I think they are pretty picky about making sure you only go to their services...sigh. And yep, I'm in Colorado! I'm so sad to be going back to Utah for a little bit, but I'm so excited to come back (hopefully for good) in February! Both Utah and Colorado are very pretty though :)

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