The Best Dollar Tree Travel Hacks, Products, and Tips

The Best Dollar Tree Travel Hacks, Products, and Tips

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Although it’s not officially summer for a few more days, it certainly feels like it has already hit!

Since we’ve written so many other Dollar Tree posts at this point, it only feels right to write one all about travel. It really is a gold mine for travel products.

Not only do they have tons of products that make travel easier, but there are tons of products that you can use for some handy travel hacks.

Be sure to chime in with your own travel hacks!

Prevent lotion or shampoo spills – There are couple simple things you can do – put plastic wrap under the lid, and then screw the lid back on. You could put a shower cap over the top (this isn’t my favorite). Put an unblown up balloon over the opening of the bottle and then put a rubber band around it’s base. I feel like this could work…but if the balloon got a tear in it, it’s just asking for disaster!

Hot tools in oven mitt – This can help protect them a little more in your suitcase. I’ve also seen people use these to help cool down straighteners, curling irons, etc.

My friend also made this really great tutorial on a DIY Flat Iron holder using a hot pod. It’s another great ideas.

Place shoes in shower caps – helps keep them together and prevents them from getting other clothing dirty.

Binder Clip or Hair Clip on Razor – Put this on the end of your razor to help prevent accidental cuts and damage to other items in the suitcase.

Baby Powder for Sand – you can use baby powder as an easy way to get sand off! Thanks for the great tip from Pulling Curls!

Baby oil for tar slick – When we went to Santa Barbara last year, it was nearly impossible to come back from the

Necklace through Straw – I’ve had many necklaces get tangled up while traveling. This is seriously genius. I might keep my necklaces like this at home!

Carabiner for sample sized shampoos – no need to bring your full size shampoos. Pick up some sample sized ones that have holes in the end that can be attached to a carabiner for easy transport.

Eye glasses container – This is a great way to keep your loose cords and cables organized. You can get little zip ties to keep each one organized.

Soap Box to keep playing cards organized

Cereal Box Trash Can – This is one of my favorites! Just get a plastic cereal box container and put a small trash bag inside. Place this in the car for a simple trash can!

Puppy Pad – Put this under the seats in the car – it will help with spills and mess – just throw it away once the trip is over!

Money in deodorant  – such a smart idea from Adventures in Familyhood. Just pick up a dollar deodorant and empty it out!

Mini Shampoo Bottles – Can’t live without your favorite shampoo but don’t want to bring it all with you? Just fill up these mini shampoo bottles with your shampoos, lotion, etc. for easy transporting. They even have a little spray one!

Muffin liners in cup holders – This can keep these from becoming a nasty, sticky mess. You can use paper ones, though I would recommend silicone ones if possible.

Shower Curtain Toddler Pool – this is a great idea from in Lieu of Preschool. Just make sure the kids are always supervised! The Dollar Tree has lots of liners.

Zip Ties – Use these on luggage to make them harder to break into.

Storage Bin for Seat Organization – You can put your children’s food, coloring supplies, etc. in one of these for the seat next to them.

Pill Organizer – Use this to store jewelry like earrings and bracelets to keep them from getting lost.

Plastic bags for kids clothes – Make getting dressed simpler on trips. Place an outfit and accessories in a gallon sized Ziplock bag. It makes packing easier, too!

Water Balloon Cooler – This idea is so smart from Brit and Co. Just pick up a couple of packages at the Dollar Tree if you will be needing them for multiple days.

Gel Clings for Window – We love Dollar Tree gel clings…and they are a great way to keep kids entertained in the car!

Flip Flops for showering – I’m just saying, it’s a good idea to wear some kind of shoes in the shower at hotels. You never know how well they’ve been cleaned, or if someone who used the room before you had a contagious food fungus!

Aloe Vera Cubes – Sunburns can be miserable. This idea from Masshole Mommy is pretty cool – soothing from the Aloe Vera and being frozen. I’ve seen aloe Vera from the Dollar Tree, and you can pick up some ice cube trays as well for cheap to make these the night before any days in the sun.

Dollar Tree Travel Supplies

Night Light – I definitely recommend bringing one of these to hotels, where it’s often hard to turn a light on without waking everyone up. It can also help kiddos feel a little less scared in a new environment.

Noise Reduction Ear Muffs – Bring these along on airplane rides just in case there is a crying baby! You could also bring them on a road trip if you are sick of listening to children bickering in the back seat 😉 The Dollar Tree also have ear plugs – those can be helpful for sleeping, especially if you are sharing a room with someone who snores.

Car charger – these are just helpful to have. The Dollar Tree has a selection available, and since they are only a dollar, it’s not a big deal if you lose it or it breaks.

Wall Tap Outlet – Sometimes you can really luck out with hotels and get one with lots of outlets. Other times? Not so much. The Dollar Tree has some great wall tap outlets that can turn one outlet into multiple.

Charging Cables – The Dollar Tree also have charging cables and chargers for phones. I feel like we often leave our chargers behind, so consider bringing a cheaper one

Lysol Wipes

Water Bottles

Spray bottle for car – Cars can get a little stuffy. This can keep everyone nice and cool (and keep you awake!).

Laundry bag – These can be helpful for keeping dirty clothes separated from clean clothes.

Garment storage bag – I was pretty excited to find that the Dollar Tree had garment bags for dresses and suits. I’ve used one recently, and it actually holds up pretty well!

Vacuum storage bags – not sure if you can fit all your clothes in your suitcase? These bags will make it a little bit easier!

Shoe Gel Pads – I wish I’d had these when we went to Disneyland last year. If you will be doing a lot of walking, these are a must-have. I found these in-store.

Licorice – My mom has always sworn by having licorice in the car for long road trips to help prevent constipation (which is a common side effect after being in the car for long periods of time!).

Medications – The Dollar Tree has a variety of OTC medications that would be helpful for a trip. We always try to bring common medications for different ailments, since someone almost always seems to get sick. Just make sure you check the expiration date!

Small Containers for Snacks – We got these a few years ago for Jack when we went to Idaho.  It was perfect for portioning out snacks and just pulling out of my bag.

Hot and cold bag – I just think these are helpful for transporting food. Walmart has them for $2, so it’s a better deal at The Dollar Tree!

Luggage strap (I don’t think it’s available online).

Sleep Masks

First aid kit

Kid’s Travel Kit Ideas

The Dollar Tree has TONS of great products for keeping kids occupied in the car or on the airplane. Since they aren’t super expensive, you don’t have to worry about losing them or getting damaged:

Dollar Tree Travel


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