The 15 Best Birthday Freebies To Sign Up For

Not all birthday freebies are worth signing up for — however, all of these are! Be sure to check these out for the best birthday month ever — lots of free meals!

Best Birthday Freebies

Every time someone in our family has a birthday coming up, we anxiously await all of the birthday coupons that start arriving in our email and mail. There are seriously so many yummy and fun perks around birthday time — it’s hard to not take advantage of them!

Over the years, we’ve found our favorite birthday freebies…and discovered which ones really aren’t worth our time. Many restaurants will send you a free dessert with the purchase of an entree but that can be pricey. Plus, you can only go to so many restaurants in that time that it gives you to redeem the coupon.

Last week, we went into the T-Mobile store after getting a free sandwich from Firehouse Subs. We mentioned that to the T-Mobile representative we were talking to, and he was shocked at all the free food we had gotten that week. So, I thought I’d put together a list of the best birthday freebies (at least, in our opinion.) Most of these are for free entrees at a variety of restaurants, though I’ve included a few of my favorite dessert ones, too. Be sure to let me know if I’m missing one of your favorites!

Note: Some of these do require you to be 13 or older. Be sure to check before you sign up — however, come back next week for a list of kids-only birthday clubs.  A few will allow you to add family members that may not be old enough to have emails.  Be aware that these may change at anytime. 

Birthday Freebies

1) IHOPYou have to sign up for IHOPS email list, and they will send you a coupon for a free Rootie Tootie on your birthday, as well as the anniversary of when you signed up, AND right when you sign up. When we first signed up, it was during my birthday week — we ate there three times that week (once with my birthday coupon, once with my welcome coupon, and once with Forrest’s welcome coupon.) It was kind of funny! Even if you don’t want the Rootie Tootie (we rarely get it), you can get something of equal or lesser value for free instead. At our local IHOP, you can even get something a little more expensive and just pay the difference, but we’ve found that not all IHOPs will do that. Be sure to check with yours. You don’t have to buy another entree to get it, either, which is an added bonus!

2) Red RobinBy signing up for Red Robin’s email club, they will send you a free birthday burger coupon you can use during a two-week period around your birthday. No purchase necessary for the burger and you can even get a chicken sandwich instead.

3) HuHotHutHot isn’t everywhere, but with the places it is, you have to sign up. Not only does it have a great rewards program that often sends free appetizers, desserts, and even grill meals, but you get a free grill meal on your birthday! When we went for Forrest’s birthday, he even got a free dessert. HuHot is one of our favorite restaurants.

4)  Firehouse subs Birthday club: No signup necessary, but if you go to Firehouse Subs on your actual birthday and show them your ID, you get a free medium-sized sandwich of your choice.

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5) NoodlesSign up for their email list and you’ll get a “noodle gram” at the beginning of your birthday month for a free bowl of noodles. They always tell us it’s pretty much anything up to $9, so we sometimes will add a side salad and it still is free. We LOVE this. (update: As of 2017, you now just get a free rice krispie treat)

6) Jason’s DeliDuring your birthday month, they will send you a $5 gift certificate if you are signed up for their email list. We always liked using this one, but were very disappointed when we realized the one that was near us closed down! The next closest one was 30 minutes away so we didn’t end up using it. Be sure to click the box for birthday club when signing up.

7) Tucanos, Texas de Brazil, or Rodizo Grill: All of these places are pretty similar, but they aren’t all available throughout the country. They are Brazillian churrascaria — basically, lots of meat and a delicious salad bar (which has way more than salad.) If you sign up for their birthday clubs, you’ll get a post card or an email during your birthday month, inviting you to come in for a free meal. You must buy another meal, though, in order to get yours.

8) Rubios: Free Meal on your birthday with sign-up, and you also get a free taco just for signing up!

9) Dennys: No coupon or email list sign up needed for this one! Just go to Denny’s on the day of your birthday, show them your ID, and you can get a free Grand Slam. I think this is a great deal! They told us there was no age limit, so we took Jack on his birthday.

10) Auntie Anne’s: Free pretzel on your birthday

11) Baskin Robbins: Sign up for their email list and get a free 2.5 ounce scoop of ice cream on your birthday.  

12) Dickey’s BBQ: Free BBQ sandwich during your birthday month when you sign up for their Big Yellow Cup Club…plus you get their famous Big Yellow Cup!

13) Einstein Bros. Bagels: A free breakfast birthday sandwich with the purchase of a drink with eClub sign up.

14) Baja Fresh: Get a free taco for signing up for Club Baja, and then you’ll get a free birthday burrito during your birthday month. 

15) Cinemark Theatres – A free small popcorn coupon with the purchase of a ticket during your birthday month. 

16) Krispy Kreme: Free donut on your birthday! Just go in, show them your ID, and they’ll give you on.

And now for a bonus (aka, ones I forgot to put the first time I wrote this!) 

16) Steak ‘N ShakeReceive a free double steak burger and fries for signing up for their birthday club.

17) QdobaGet a free burrito on your birthday and free chips and salsa for signing up with their rewards club.

18) Famous Dave’s BBQReceive up to $15 in food with the purchase of another meal on your birthday when you sign up for the P.I.G. club.

19) Papa MurphysFree cookie dough on your birthday when you sign up for their eClub.

20) The Egg and IGet a free entree when you sign up AND on your birthday (well, BOGO)

21) Bad Daddy’s BurgerFree entree on your birthday upon sign up for their club.

22) Gigi’s Cupcake: Free cupcake on your birthday when you signup for their eClub

23) Cafe Rio: Download their mobile app and signup for their rewards program and you will get $5 on your birthday!

And even one for your half-birthday: 

24) Tokyo Joe’sGet a free meal on your half birthday when you sign up for their addict club.


The BEST birthday freebies to sign up for - lots of free food with no purchase necessary!




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  • These are great! I'd also add Starbucks to your list. All you have to do nowadays is get their app on your smart phone. This will automatically register a card to that app and voila! Free birthday drink!
    • Oh that is a good one! I don't go to Starbucks often (don't drink coffee), but I do love some of their drinks, especially during the winter (caramel apple cider!) My birthday is in November, so I'll definitely be adding this one. I love that you can do it straight from the app! So convenient.
  • They're not food related but if you're a Sephora Beauty Insider (which is free to signup for) they give you a free item when you go in the store (no purchase necessary). Last year it was two Fresh Sugar Lip Balms and this year it's a Makeup Forever Mascara and Lipstick Duo. Also, if you signup for Ulta's free reward program they will send you an email during your birthday month to this year get a free CK One Color Mascara in black :)
    • It's the best! And if you go to the link I put, you can sign up for their email club :) I think it's a pretty good deal, considering how much they charge for popcorn!

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