Moodivator App Review


Did you know that 15.7 million adults worldwide experience at least one depressive episode every year? The numbers are alarming. But if you are one of those people who suffer from depression- I hope those numbers help you feel a little less alone.  Chances are you know someone who might be experiencing feelings of depression whether they are vocal about it or not.

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Even though depression is so common- it can feel very isolating, overwhelming and it can affect so many areas of your life. Please do not feel ashamed if you are someone who feels this way, I hope that you find the courage to speak up and find the help that best fits your needs.

There are several treatments for depression. Many people find talk therapy to be effective, while there is also medication, peer support, and having a personal wellness plan.

But we also live in a world filled with technology. And now- that wonderful technology might actually benefit people suffering from depression.

Pfizer is announcing the launch of its new, free mobile app for iPhone users to help people with depression.

The Moodivator app intends to help complement treatment for those living with depression.  In 2014 a survey found that 70% of patients said they wanted a mobile application to help monitor their mental health on a daily basis. The Moodivator app does just that!

I downloaded the app recently and have been using it regularly and I would like to share with you what I learned by using it.

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There are three main aspects of the Moodivator app.

Mood Tracking


Mood Tracking was probably my favorite part of the app.  Using a simple, sliding scale you are able to track your mood using  an adjective from “terrible” to “great” and everything in between. After picking your current mood, you are then prompted to write down your feelings. I found this helpful because I was able to go back each day and see why I was feeling a certain way and better able to understand what made me feel happy or sad.

Goal Setting

Everyone needs goals to stay motivated. The Moodivator app can also help with that.  They give you five categories: Treatment, Wellness, Work, Home & Family and Social. You can either create your own goal related to each topic or they provide suggestions for you. I loved this part because it also encourages you to write why the goal you chose is important to you. You are able to adjust each goal overtime to reflect your progress.


Shareable Data

This app gives you the opportunity to share your goal progress with  your care team to showcase your progress through clear charts.


The Moodivator app is  available for  download to iPhones from the Apple App Store

To learn more about this amazing app you can watch a helpful video here.

The Moodivator app is not a treatment for depression and does not take the place of your doctor’s care or advice. This app also includes information about a prescription treatment option for depression.


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