The Best Audiobooks for Kids (by age)

A while back, Jack got a book that had a CD of the audiobook inside the back cover.

We put in a car, and he has loved it ever since.

However, it got a little tiresome for us to listen to the same story over and over again, so we decided to pull out our Audible app and check out their selection of Children’s books.

Apparently, we already had Oh, the Places You’ll Go in our Audible library. We plugged our phone into the auxiliary port of our van, and we played Oh, They Places You’ll Go.

Jack really seemed to enjoy it. I like the background music and the readers animated style. After looking through more of the selections available, it turned out the most of the my favorite books that I read as a child were available as well on Audible.

Below is a list of children’s books on Audible, and a few others thrown in, organized by approximate age.

I came up with the list, the age categories, and assigned everything accordingly.

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There are ten books for each age range, and within that category

I listed them in no particular order. I had forgotten about a good number of these books, so I hope that this list might reminds you of books that you want to share with your children.

You can get all of the following books in audiobook format through To make things easy Audible invites everyone to enjoy a free 30-day trial (which includes a free audiobook).

After that it is $14.95 for a membership. With a membership you get one credit a month for any book, and you can return the book at anytime, no questions asked. You can exchange any book you don’t like for another book.

If you want more than one book in a month, then any extra books are 30% off for members. You can cancel anytime and keep all of your books.

If you like audiobooks then I would suggest using your credit on yourself when you want, and then using your 30% discount on children’s books. A lot of the books for younger children are just a few dollars.


Here are our suggestions for great audiobooks for kids – split up by age. I have known children (and adults) who had a hard time reading but were able to find a love for books through audibooks. So whether you are looking to inspire a young mind or find something other than a tablet to entertain your child in the car, you are sure to find something here that they will enjoy.

The Best Audiobooks for Kids

Ages 0-4

Ages 5-7

Ages 8-10

Ages 11-13

Ages 13-18

Newer Books I Haven’t Read

Here are a number of books that I have not read, since they were targeted towards a much younger audience than the age I was when they came out. They seem to be popular among kids and teens.

I use audiobooks a lot when I am working in the yard, doing laundry, exercising, or driving. I used to listen to books during road trips to help keep me awake and alert, but since Jack has started understanding everything I have had to put that on hold.

I think we’ll have to listen to children’s books that hopefully the whole family will like, or at least most of us. We think it’s a better use of his time in the car over watching a movie or playing a game on the tablet – and he seems to be really interested in the books.

I think audiobooks for children help children to grow a love for books. My parents did that for me, and I ended up getting a 34 on the ACT Reading Comprehension section. Reading a lot is the easiest and most enjoyable way of growing your vocabulary. For this new year why not make it a goal to help your family be a family that consume more literature.


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