My Wishes for Jack

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One of my favorite songs is called My Wish by Rascal Flatts. It come out when I was in high school, and I always have loved it.

As I’ve become a mother, I often find myself thinking about the “wishes” I have for my son. Whenever I do this, this song by Rascal Flatts always comes to mind. I think most parents hope for the best for their children, and I am definitely no exception.

When I heard about Capital One’s new campaign about, #WishForOthers, I loved it! They are hoping to make a few people’s wishes come true this Christmas, I had fun thinking about all the things I could wish for other people. It’s funny, because so many of the wishes I had for others, money couldn’t buy. As I thought about that, I came up with a bunch of non-material wishes that I have for Jack:

That he always knows he is loved

That he knows how to love

That he has a giving heart

That he knows how to be grateful

That he knows he’s a child of God

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That he always has what he needs

That he’ll have courage to stand up for what he believes

That he’ll be confident but not cocky

That he is a hard worker

That he’s known for his integrity

That he’s chivalrous even if others think it’s old fashioned. Chivalry is not dead!

That he knows how to laugh and have fun. I don’t think this will be a problem, because Jack is always making us laugh. I think life is better when you don’t take things so seriously.

That he respects others and their property. 

That he endures through trials and never gives up.

That he comes to know the bitter from the sweet. I think most every parent wants to protect their child from anything bad, but in reality, that’s impossible. I do hope from the trials he has, he’ll come to appreciate the good and sweeter parts of life even more and know that there’s always a rainbow after every rainstorm.

That he loves his family. Family is SO important to me. I think the best memories come from family time, and that your best friends truly end up being your family members. I know our family will grow and change in different seasons of life, but I hope that Jack will love all of his family. I also hope that someday when he’s grown up and starts to have his whole family, he’ll

That he’s known for kindness

That he’ll always be my “best friend forever!”  This is something he’s been telling me all the time lately – that we’re best friends forever! I know there may come a time that he thinks I’m totally uncool, but I hope that he’ll always, deep down, know that we’re friends!

Obviously, the Wish For Others campaign will be granting a few more material wishes, which I think is great. Since this post was somewhat about Jack, I thought I’d have him share a few of his wishes (mainly because I think kids are so sweet and sincere)

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