The Importance of a Good Diaper Bag & Giveaway!

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Back when I was pregnant with Jack, I was all about saving money. Okay, I still am. However, occasionally, when trying to stock up on all the baby essentials, I would sometimes go for cheapness over quality. While this works just fine sometimes, I’ve found there are two things I don’t think I will ever go for cheap over quality again — diapers and diaper bags.

I picked up a diaper bag from Babies ‘R Us that was on sale. It was cute-ish, seemed to have enough space in it, and it was on sale. I laughed at all the people who were dropping over $100 on a diaper bag. Who in their right mind would do that?!

Well, I kind of wish I had. Two years in, and I’ve gone through multiple diaper bags, most of which have been cheap, and after a few months, that cheap price was increasingly obvious. The bags would start to rip, get dirty extremely easily, and I realized the importance of having lots and lots of space. I mean, if you check out my diaper bag 101 post, you’ll know that I put a lot of stuff in our diaper bag!

I don’t think I realized just how much I would use my diaper bag, and if I wanted it to last for a long time, money would have to be invested to get something that was high quality. Now, I’m not saying run out and buy the most expensive diaper bag ever (my sister-in-law got a brand new, top of the line diaper bag, for less than $20 at a thrift store), but I would recommend you to look at your options, read reviews, and find one that fits your style and lifestyle, and that will last for a very long time!

So, a few months ago, the bag I had used was on its last legs. It didn’t have any pockets on the inside, it was getting filthy, and it was about time to get a new bag. Fortunately, at the same time, Vilah Bloom contacted me about doing a possible review of an item from their diaper bag line. After looking at the their beautiful bags, I jumped on board right away. When the bag arrived a few weeks later, I was very pleased.

This diaper bag is honestly one of the best designed diaper bags I’ve seen. Granted, I’ve only used a few diaper bags myself, but this is definitely the best I’ve tried. Instead of describing it to you, I’ll take you on a little tour!

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First of all, it has a pocket that was specifically designed to be a wipes dispenser. How smart is that? Instead of digging through my bag to find wipes, I can simply dispense one quickly. While I sometimes do forget to replenish it, it’s been a great feature so far.

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Next, we have the exterior pockets. SO great! They are wide and deep, and there are six on the outside. Nothing falls out of them, even though only one has a zipper, and they are the perfect size for sippy cups and water bottles (which I’ve discovered the hard way, shouldn’t just be thrown into the middle of your bag!

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The interior is SO spacious. Not only is it very deep, but there are eight pockets to help keep things more organized and cleaner.

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loved this built in pacifier holder! I can’t tell you how many times I “lost” pacifiers in our diaper bag, only to find them covered in dust and who knows what else!

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Two different options for straps! If you prefer for the bag to be more messenger bag style, you can add the detachable strap that is adjustable, or you can just the strap that is built in, for more of a purse-style bag!

And now, you can enter to win a bag. America’s ToothFairy Kids Club, along with VilahBloom, have sponsored this post, and want to give away a bag to one of my lucky readers! Just go sign up for America’s ToothFairy Kids Club, and then enter in the rafflecopter widget below!

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