Theater Room Ideas – Featuring the LG OLED TV

We love technology (as I’ve already mentioned several times in the past), so we’re always researching the latest gadgets. It’s not a rare occasion that you’ll find us at our local Best Buy, looking at the awesome new TVs, new computers, or even the washing machines. It’s just a fun place to go.I’ll even admit that I’ve waited outside Best Buy for hours on Black Friday (not on Thanksgiving, mind you) because of some of the great deals they have this time of year. Forrest and I have this dream of having an awesome theater room someday. I really hate going to movie theaters, and I avoid them as much as possible. Forrest loves going to movies. So I told him if we didn’t have to go to movie theaters very often, we could save up to have a theater room someday.We aren’t at that point quite yet that we can really have a real theater room, but we are always coming up with ideas to put on our theater room “wish list.” Here are a few of our theater room ideas:

Theater style seating (with reclining chairs and cup holders!)

Whenever I see theater rooms that people have, I love when they have nice, comfy chairs in a theater style arrangement. There’s a new theater by my parent’s house that has reclining chairs that I’ve been told are super comfortable. Those are the kind I want. Theater seating is nice because you can have multiple rows, and you don’t have to worry about not being able to see!Oh, and if they had cup holders  that would be awesome.

Surround Sound

If you want a theater room to mimic the theater experience, the sound system you have in place is essential. There are tons of different ways to implement a great sound system in your home theater, and it really comes down to your price range. There’s everything from sound bars (or sound bars with subwoofers and speakers) to wireless speakers, to complete surround sound stereo systems.


We’ve gone back and forth about whether we’d want a projector and screen or a large screened TV. There are definitely pros and cons to both, and I think a theater room would be great with either. However, we think that investing in a good TV is what we would want to do. Every time we go to Best Buy, we love looking at the newest TVs and checking out their sweet features. The LGOLED TV’ has really caught our eyes.It is only .21″thickc, features Infinite Contrast, and 4 Color Pixel Technology which makes colors more vibrant and lifelike. It feels like you are actually on the sidelines of the TV show, football game or movie, watching it inreal life.

LG_OLED_Infill_smaller file 2 (1)

Blu-Ray Player

Of course, if you are going to go with a TV over a projector/screen, you will need something to play DVDs on.Blu-rays are more-or-less than standard now, and they are definitely the best way to play DVDs when you havean HDTV. If you are investing in a nice TV, you might as well invest in a Blu-ray player while you are at it!

Popcorn maker

Admittedly, one of my favorite parts of going to the movie theater is getting the popcorn, regardless of how over priced and unhealthy it is. While yes, I could easily make a bag of homemade popcorn, nothing canquite replacethe experience of movie theater popcorn…so a popcorn maker is a must!

Drink Cooler

Whether you are just a water drinker or love soda, it’s always nice to have something to drink during a movie. While it would be totally awesome to have one of those new soda machines that are popping up, just have a little mini fridge stocked with a variety of drinks would be fun.

Seat Warmers

Because, why not? I never said some of these ideas were entirely realistic.

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Movie Theater Lighting

It’s important to make sure your room can get very dark. Obviously, a room that is in basement is probably ideal, since there probablywon’t be a ton of windows. However, you still want some lights, so have some that you can easily control the brightness of. I see a lot of theater rooms that have ambiance lights on the walls, and I think these are really nice.


It’s important to have a sound proof room for a few reasons – one, so you don’t bother the rest of the house with the sound of your movies, and two, it will improve the acoustics of your room, making it more like a movie theater experience!

I’m obviously not an expert on making a theater room — most of what I’ve written here has been from what Forrest has told me is good. However, I do think these are things that would be nice to have in a home theater. What would you love in yours?


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