Flexible Data Sharing Plans with Virgin Mobile

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Virgin Mobile USA which is one of Sprint’s prepaid brands. I received two Virgin Mobile smartphones to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation. 

There are a lot of cellular carriers out that that offer similar services, so when one offers something truly unique it is worth taking a look at it. Virgin Mobile‘s Data Done Right plans offer something unique, especially to parents of kids with cell phones. If they don’t have cell phones now, with a few of the feature’s Virgin Mobile phone’s offer you might just be willing to give your kids a phone. Basically, with the Data Done Right plans you can customize your data sharing with the Virgin Mobile app that comes preinstalled on Virgin Mobile phones. For example, if you know one member of you family is a data hog and will use up minutes you will need later in the month, then you can restrict their data allotment. You can actually change your data amounts per line whenever from your phone. You can also buy more data and add international add-ons from the Virgin Mobile app, as well. Flexibility is always great, so if you would rather you can turn your phone into a hotspot. You can share your data with family or friends with the hotspot. You can sign up at Walmart!


Kids and teenagers aren’t really known for being the most responsible, so it can be really helpful to provide boundaries and incentives. Phones can access so many different things are there are some great filters and software that help you monitor and restrict your child’s cell phone use. Plus, Virgin Mobile phones allow you to set device curfews and app restrictions. Lately, Jack has been asking us ‘why’ whenever we ask him to do something, so we try to explain. However, sometimes I just want to say, “Because I said so.” I know as he gets older he might understand our reasons better but he just might not agree or care. I try to do as my mother taught and use positive sentences along (avoid saying no) and provide rewards for behaving well. When Jack was first born I asked my mother for parenting advice, she said to show your child respect. That isn’t common advice, but the more I think about it wiser it seems. The best parents I know don’t bully or threaten their way to good behavior, nor do they provide unlimited freedom. For us growing up we got a small allowance for helping around the house. Nowadays, it seems that gifting data for helping out and behaving well would be a great incentive. Here is an example of a chore chart that you could use. We don’t really let Jack use his own phone, but he does like to use ours. Oliver is only a week old so his ‘chores’ are simple! Here is a more dynamic example! (it’s a Youtube video)

chore chart

Virgin Mobile’s Data Done Right plans are only available at Wal-Mart. They use the excellent Sprint Nationwide Network, and they use popular, quality phones. I have enjoyed using the Samsung S5. I haven’t used a Samsung phone before. It has worked great for me so far, and it gets very good cell reception. I have been able to really put my phone threw its paces with hours of use waiting in hospital waiting rooms and outside of doctor’s appointments in the last few weeks. I think I would have been way more bored otherwise. It was useful for taking some cute pictures of Oliver leaving the hospital. Another cool optional feature, $5 extra a month, is data from some top social media and music streaming sites like Facebook and Pandora is not counted towards your data limit. For most young people, this is a majority of their data usage.

s5 picture

Another great feature about these Virgin Mobile plans is that there are no additional monthly fees for extra lines, and there is no contract. Contracts can be very annoying to deal with sometimes. By the way is another photo I took today with my Samsung S5. I think the camera works pretty well. This was just the first thunderstorm that we have had in a while, and I thought this cloud looked respectably ominous.

samsung s5 picture

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