Encore Presentation of Away and Back

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Did you catch Away & Back yet? It’s the latest original Hallmark Hall of Fame, and it made it’s initial debut a few weeks ago. We had a  little promotion about it right before that, just because it seemed like it would be a great, family friendly film. 

The thing I love about Hallmark movies is that the whole family can enjoy it, and there’s usually a good message. They may be cheesy at times, but they usually are pretty good. Away & Back is making an encore presentation on Friday, February 13th at 6 PM EST and Saturday, February 14th, at 4 PM EST. I think it’s a great movie to watch on Valentine’s day weekend.

Away & Back is full of adventure, laughter, and love. It stars Jason Lee, who plays Jack,  the father of a 10-year-old girl, Frankie (played by Maggie Elizabeth Jones), who fell in love with a family of swans who made their home on their family farm. Jack meets ornithologist Ginny (played by Minka Kelly), who wants to “rescue” the swans from the farm. Jack doesn’t like her at first, but as the movie goes on, their relationship evolves into something else. It has a pretty typical Hallmark Hall-of-Fame storyline, but it’s a really cute movie nonetheless. Here’s a trailer (and if you love it, you can purchase a DVD copy here.

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So be sure to tune in Friday or Saturday for this fun family flick!

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