Celebrate Summertime and Soccer Goals

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I would consider myself a big soccer fan, and I plan to #CelebrateEveryGoal this summer. At least, I am as big of a fan as I can be from the seat in my own apartment. However, watching soccer and other sports during summertime makes me want to get out and play myself, and now I have a chance to play with my two year old son, Jack. Katie and I have set a goal to help Jack be healthy and active this summer. However, sometimes that can be easier said than done. A little too much enthusiasm can easily lead to bumps, scrapes, and even sun burns, and before you know it all the fun seems to be sucked out of summertime. I’ve had way too many bad sunburns over the years. It seems like I would use sunscreen for a while and be okay. Then I would start to think that maybe I didn’t need any or as much sunscreen, and I would get burned for my forgetfulness. So remember, stock up now on the healthy essentials that you will inevitably need.

Fortunately, Walgreens and Johnson & Johnson are making it easy to grab about everything you need for your summer time goals in one quick section. On behalf of #CollectiveBias I bought a lot of different kinds of Band Aids, quality Neutrogena sunscreen, and the oft useful infants Tylenol. I was able to buy them all in one place in the #CelebrateEveryGoal section of Walgreens, and Walgreens gave me 3,000 points for buying at least $15 worth of Johnson and Johnson products from the section. You can get things with Walgreens Balance Rewards points.  I forgot to carry my Walgreens card around with me for a while, so this purchased doubled the number of points I have. By the way, I used Google Wallet for the first time to buy all of this stuff. It was kind of exciting.

I figured that if Jack does get a sunburn he might want some Tylenol. Plus, I think Jack will be needing a lot more Band Aids soon, and the variety pack at Walgreens had a Mickey Mouse box that I knew Jack would love. Jack has been running to car from the steps that lead to our apartment. After he runs to the car he will say ‘One more!’, and he will run back to the bottom of the steps and then run to me again. There is almost no traffic so cars aren’t much of a worry, but he did fall and cut his knee through his pants for the first time the other day. I’m sure it will only happen more and more. I probably should have gotten some Zyrtec, but Katie and my wise mother agree that it makes me way too grouchy. I’m not sure why, but it seems to be true.

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Some of the things that we are trying to do to help Jack be active this summer is to play in our little front yard, go swim at our local recreation center pool, and take him to this fun little toddler tumbling class that they have at the recreation center. I just walked into the living room one day to see Jack do a front roll by himself, so I knew he would really like the class. Plus, he just loves to jump on top of my back with his knees and elbows. I keep trying to get Jack to watch soccer with me, and I have a goal this summer to make him a soccer fan for years to come. It is always exciting for me to watch the United States play. I go a little crazy celebrating every US goal, or goal that helps the US. It will be fun to see if Jack tries to copy me. It is funny what he picks up. Plus, hopefully I won’t be watching the United States play with a sunburn and a wet towel on my back like I did one year. Jack will have to learn to not just put sunscreen on his front lip. For some reason Jack really likes to try to put different creams on his nose. This time he missed.

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Another goal that Katie and I have for this summertime is to help Jack become more comfortable in the water. Jack probably didn’t take as many baths as he should have when he was younger for the simple fact that it felt like we were torturing him. Jack enjoys baths much more now, and he does relatively well at the pool. However, coming from a family full of former swim lesson teachers, including me, Jack is required to love the water, and swim at an early age. His main issue now is water in his face. Sometimes he will hate it, and other times he’ll get brave enough to blow bubbles and stick his face in the water.

I know that summertime this year is going to be very exciting, and now we are set for most of the typical problems that will come. Hopefully, we will have more memories of celebrating US goals and our personal goals instead of being burnt and miserable.


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  • That's great that he is willing to blow bubbles in the water! That was a lot of what my girls swim teacher worked on with my kids, so he's ahead. Ha. Have fun this summer Clarks!
  • Ah yes, sunscreen is so important. Be sure to put lots on that little guy. Sunburned kids are miserable. I can't tell you how many Bandaids I went through as my kids were growing up. They all wanted different ones too. I was in Walgreen just yesterday, making a goodie bag for my son-in-law for Father's Day. They have tons of snacks!
  • I am big into the reward points! That's awesome you got 3000 points for your purchases! We burn easy in my house so we always have plenty of sunscreen and Tylenol.

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