Can Technology Get Any Better? Yes, Yes it Can.

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Forrest and I are both a bit nerdy when it comes to technology. While we don’t have the resources to have all the latest gizmos and gadgets, it sure doesn’t stop us from geeking out over them. Still, when I was asked to come check out the Intel Zone at Best Buy, I wasn’t convinced it was going to be worth my time. First off, only select Best Buy stores have them, and the one closest to us was about an hour away. Secondly, I didn’t know what to expect — was it going to be just a lame display of computers, or something more?

After a little proding from Forrest, we decided to head up to Salt Lake to check out the station. It took me a little while to find it, since I automatically assumed it would be with the rest of the computers. However, I soon realized where it was, and saw that it was definitely more than just a couple computers and tablets.


I often wonder this – how can technology get any better/cooler? Is it even possible? Then I wonder, is that how every generation felt? When black and white television was the norm, did people think that was the epitome of technology. It seems like more and more technology is being released and developed each year, and soon, what I thought was the ultimate technological advancement will be a thing of the past.

This is how I felt as I walked into the Intel Experience. It was like I was being introduced into a world of technology that I never knew was even possible. A movie that I loved growing up was called Zenon: Girl of the 21st Century. It seemed like everything in that movie was so out there, but now, I’m beginning to think some of the things in that movie are in the realm of possibility.


The Intel Experience had some really awesome things – my favorite being the 3D printer. I had heard of 3D printers before, but I didn’t realize they were available for consumers to use. I was pretty much amazed when I realized the machine in the Intel Experience Zone created things like this:

IMG_20141108_130942 IMG_20141108_130916

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The printer is $999, which is still a lot of money, but for what it can do…is pretty amazing. The Intel expert that we talked to was telling us all about the amazing things you can do with a 3D printer, including a car that was recently “printed.” He started a new printing job while we were there, and while it was going to take over four hours to complete, it was neat to watch the beginning stages.



Another notable thing was the station/game. No idea what augmented reality is? Neither did I. Here’s the description:



The way that Best Buy had it displayed in the Intel Experience was with a tablet video game. All you had to do was line the tablet up with a sensor on this giant space rock and you could play. As you can see, Jack made it into the video game!



While the video game was cool, the possibilities of augmented reality are what intrigued me the most. The Intel expert told us that pretty soon, augmented reality will be a standard on tablet devices. He told us there was a store in Europe that is already using it, and when you walk into the store, augmented reality will allow you to see how an outfit looks on you without ever trying it on. For someone like me who hates trying on clothes in the dressing room at a store…this is amazing!

There were a ton of really cool things. We stayed there a lot longer than I thought we would, and I was impressed witht he knowledge of the Intel expert at this store. They are planning to change up the displays every couple of months, and to that, I say what I told Jack earlier,  “What will they think of next?!”

The Intel Experience is in select stores across the country. 



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