Sunday Dinner Party #5

Did anyone try some of the recipes from last week? I’d love to hear how some of them turned out. I have some yummy recipes to share with everyone this week, and I’m actually going to be cooking some of these for our dinners this week as well. Yum!As usual, be sure to grab this button if you’ve been featured!


Baked Wonton Tacos by Heart Mind and Seoul
We love Mexican food, and we love Asian food. So…this sounds like the perfect combination of the two. It combines traditional Asian and Mexican ingredients to create something delicious. And….it looks SO easy.
Easy Doritos Taco Bake by Recipe by Photo
Am I the only one who loves the Doritos Locos Taco at Taco Bell? I don’t know what it is about them, but I get one every time we go there. This dish totally reminds me of those tacos, and probably is healthier than the taco (well, at least I’d know the meat in it is real!) I’ve seen this on Pinterest quite a few times, and I definitely want to try it out someday.
It has pesto in it…need I say more? I think pesto is one of my definite weaknesses. Combined with tomato cream — perfect. If you are craving a pasta dish that’s a little more non-traditional, this is definitely the one for you.
Chick-fil-a is one of my very favorite places to eat. When my sister, Kristalyn, was in high school, she worked there. On the nights that she worked nights, she would bring home some of the leftover food. Needless to say, everyone in our family appreciated her working there. I really love their sandwiches, but it’s a little pricey to eat there very often. So having this copy cat recipe could really come in handy. I’ve really been craving Chick-fil-a this week, so I think I’ll definitely make these!
This is what we are making tonight. Forrest loves hawaiian haystacks, but I wanted to try and find a healthier recipe. This was exactly what I was looking for. I plan on subbing the regular milk with almond milk, but it sounds perfect.
Have you ever had Eastern North Carolina pulled pork before? Yeah, I hadn’t either until I met Forrest. It’s totally different than the typical, BBQ sauce pork — it’s made with vinegar! It’s super tasty, and we love serving it to people. Well, this isn’t a recipe for it, but it seems more similar than most pulled pork recipes out there. It’s worth trying out.
Even though I love meat, I’ve been trying to have one meatless meal a week. These sounded super tasty, and we already have all the ingredients. Yum!



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