Healthier Pigs in a Blanket

Have you tried my homemade hamburger bun recipe yet?  I’ve gotten some great response from it, and having just made them again, I can say this — they really are as delicious as they sound (sorry if that sounds conceited. I just really like them!) So when Debbie from Kneaded Creations asked if I could transform this recipe and make a healthier version of pigs in a blanket, I couldn’t say no!

Healthier Pigs in a Blanket

As you can see, these are a little bit bigger than your typical pigs in a blanket, but I thought they were the perfect size. I mean, if you are making them for a main dish, who would want to have just one, tiny one? These are so tasty and quite a bit healthier. I used Jennie O Turkey hot dogs, and the bread is completely homemade as well.

Healthier Pigs in a Blanket



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  • Your link does not go to to a recipe, it goes to a male enhancement site with the same name. I wanted to let you know so that you do not get nasty messages from anyone about it.
    • Oh my. The previous owner of that domain quit blogging, so whoever bought it must have changed it to that. I deleted it. Thanks for letting me known

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