Chicken Snack Dipping Party With Tyson Chicken


When I found out I was having a boy, I remember people telling me about the hardest part of having a boy is how much they eat (or, as some put it, inhale.) I thought I’d have, you know, at least 10 years before that happened. Oh, how I was wrong.  Jack loves to eat everything. I feel like I’m constantly having to find new recipes for chicken, ground beef, or fruits and vegetables, just so I don’t give him the same thing all the time!


Here, you can see Jack and his Uncle Michael being totally distraught (well, mainly Michael) at the lack of food in the refrigerator. You can also see that Jack is starting to dig into whatever box he can get his hand on. Very early on, Jack discovered what food was, where it came from, and that it was delicious. If he hears the fridge door open, a box or cupboard open, or he smells food, you can guarantee he will be there as quickly as he can. He’s not afraid to beg, even to strangers, and I feel like he is constantly eating.

And as much as I would love to just make homemade food and snacks for him all day long, it’s just not realistic. So, sometimes it’s just nice to have food in the freezer that can easily be made — like edamame or a chicken snack. And you want to know what my favorite quick snack chicken is? Chicken fries! I had never had these before until a few years ago when we were visiting my parents and it seemed like they had a constant stash of them.  They are such an easy thing to make, and are so kid friendly! And not only do children love them, but adults do, too!

One of my favorite brands of quick snack chicken are from Tyson. Tyson produces a wide variety of frozen and fresh chicken, and it’s definitely my go-to brand to use in all my recipes for chicken. Even after trying different brands of chicken, I think Tyson creates a higher quality product.


Not only is this chicken snack an awesome meal for on the go, but great for parties as well! I recently decided to have a dipping party, where I made all sorts of dips, sauces, and appetizers. I wanted to have something for everyone, and Tyson’s chicken fries definitely fit that criteria. See how much the kids liked them (and how Jack couldn’t even wait to get some in his mouth?)


Obviously, the adults could hardly stand the wait either!


When Jack finished the food I gave him, he decided to go cozy up to everyone else who still had food (or could get him closer to food.) Like I said, the kid never seems to be able to eat enough! Good thing this chicken dinner was easy to make, and the bag of Tyson Chicken from Sam’s Club was huge. We had enough for Jack (and everyone else) to eat as much as they wanted!


 Just for fun, in case you want to host a dipping party of your own, here’s a closer look at the spread.


 I didn’t want to make the meal so protein heavy, so I made a delicious cream cheese and heath fruit dip and served freshly sliced fruits. This heath dip is SO good, and so easy.


 This carmelized onion dip was super tasty as well, and was great for dipping — chicken, french fries, or chips!


 And of course, here’s the main attraction — the chicken fries, as well as some dipping sauces for  chicken:


 I put out ketchup, pesto sauce, and marinara sauce . . .


 As well as poppyseed dressing and barbeque sauce! These are sauces that I’ve used to eat chicken snacks in the past, and I think there was a wide enough variety that everyone found something they liked.


And after we were done eating, everyone had fun playing with the volleyball net in the backyard! Well, until a huge storm rolled in!

So next time you need a quick dinner or snack idea, Tyson’s chicken fries are the way to go! I keep thinking of yummy recipes where I could incorporate chicken fries (chicken stir fry, anyone?) that I can’t wait to try! Can you think of a fun or creative way to use chicken fries in a meal?

 Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner! Be sure to “like” Tyson’s Facebook page — they will be launching a contest soon where you can win free Six Flags’ tickets for your family!


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